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Berkeley Audio Design


The Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC is the work of three design alumni of Pacific Microsonics, Inc., the developers of the HDCD process and themselves the creators of the Pacific Microsonics Model Two, widely considered the highest quality professional  DAC ever produced. Berkeley Audio Design was formed to realize their goal of creating a consumer DAC which could decode the 24 bit LPCM recordings made with the Model Two at its native sampling rates of 176.4kHz and 192kHz.

 These 3 wise audiophiles knew what few outside of Model Two users in the recording industry knew: that nothing matched the fidelity of recordings made and played back through this system, a system which lets you hear music reproduced with that level of detail, ease and verisimilitude - a level of fidelity “closer to the microphone feed” - than even first generation open-reel analog tapes. To their ears it was a new paradigm of audio fidelity. This new paradigm is incorporated into the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC, which permits you to process all sampling rates from 16 bit/44k to 24 bit/192k in their native form.



It should go without saying that the Alpha DAC, which automatically upsamples any digital feed it receives to 24 bit/176 kHz, is an exceptional digital to analog converter for conventional purposes like replacing the DAC on any digital device you have which puts out anything within the Alpha DAC’s range(CD, DAT, computer feed etc). When utilizing the new recordings available from companies like Reference Recordings and HRX, which are now selling high resolution LPCM, non-DRM digital media on  both optical disk and by download, the result is audio Nirvana: For the first time audiophiles can listen to recordings that are identical to the original 24-bit masters.




 Utilizing the Berkeley Audio DAC your computer can be transformed into an HD audio (24bit/176kHz) music server making it the equal or superior of almost any CD or SACD player around.