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Artemis Labs



This amazing little turntable is the result of a collaboration between the legendary Frank Schroder, the designer and manufacturer of the elusive and much-sought-after Schroeder tonearm and Artemis Labs, a small high end audio manufacturer which has received much acclaim for its innovative tube designs. Given its modest price it is hard to believe that The Artemis SA-1 is made right in Southern California. A perfect platform for the wonderful Tri-Planar and Graham Phantom tonearms, the SA-1 turns in a performance that is better than any turntable I have heard priced under $14,000. Pitch, imaging, emotion, isolation, speed stability, dynamics and bass -- all exemplary! And from a turntable only 18" wide by 14" deep!




  The 15-pound platter is crafted from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, turned to an extremely tight tolerance in all directions. The platter's thickness is maintained from center to the outer rim to avoid variations in the mechanical impedance by the cartridge. The platter is damped with a proprietary paper/felt inlay, allowing for the use of different platter-record interfaces.
 The massive 3-pound bearing is of the non-inverted type, utilizing a large diameter, case hardened spindle and unusually long self lubricating phosphor bronze bushings. The clearance is kept very small, but the defined surface "roughness" of the spindle maintains an extremely stable oil film and creates drag at the same time.

This turntable is driven by an extremely high quality Swiss DC motor for a combination of high torque and smooth rotation, transfering power via 1/4" magnetic tape to the outer rim of the platter.

Unlike other turntables featuring a form of tape or belt drive, the tape is routed past a tensioning lever/pulley to reduce both slippage to zero and minimize the side thrust on the platter greatly. Residual motor vibrations cannot reach the platter directly, but are absorbed by the suspended pulley.




To maintain absolute speed, there is no sensor-based feedback loop. Instead, the current drawn by the motor is monitored and kept steady through a clever feed forward circuit designed by Mr. John Atwood. Wow and flutter is well below audibility, certainly on par with the best direct drive designs. The turntable can be set to both 33 rpm and 45 rpm, both individually adjustable via set screws in the power supply.