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Like most rabid audiophiles, I have always believed that the sound of tube electronics were superior to solid state. My experience was that given a compatible speaker load and short cable lengths tubes seem to reproduce music with greater harmonic accuracy than than transistors or FETs (Field Effect Transistors).

All of the assumptions based on this experience have been blown out of the water since I first heard the astonishing solid state electronics by Soulution! Soulution makes two preamplifiers , the Soulution 720 with phonostage and the Soulution 721 which is the same as the 720 but a linestage only; a stereo power amplifier, the Soulution 710 and a pair of monoblocks, the Soulution 700s.


Made in Switzerland and fabricated like a Patek Philippe, Soulution components produce about the most honest and engaging sound of any equipment I have ever heard on any speakers you mate them with. Soulution draws you into the music with the timing, transparency and harmonic richness of the best single ended triode (SET) amplifier but without any of their limitations or eccentricities. The sound is so captivating it is hard to analyze it; one just wants to sit and listen to what is playing.


With an astonishing amount of power, it is no surprise that the Model 710 stereo amplifier ( not to mention the Model 700 mono power amplifiers ) demonstrates an exceptional ability to unleash explosive dynamics while preserving timing to perfection.

With these attributes it is entirely predictable that the solution amplifiers can thrill you with large orchestral works where their superb transparency brings order and clarity into a widely spreading acoustical image. What is interesting is how well they handle small groupings of instruments and human voices, easily  as well as any tube amplifier I have ever heard. 


Listening to a fine speaker system over the Soulution  preamp and power amp conveys the illusion that you are sitting right in front of the musician or musicians who are playing, neither close nor far away in a large open and tonally neutral hall. Soulution  does not color the music either warm or cold. Its tonal colors are simply neutral. It does not embellish nor withhold anything.

If you are searching for the best electronics in the world, not just the best solid state electronics, but the best electronics period, you need to audition Soulution. Compare it to the best tube equipment, by Zanden, VTL Reference, VAC, or Audio Note, and, who knows, even a rabid audiophile like you might go home with a solid state preamp and power amp.


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