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LFD Amplifiers


As Sam tellig noted in his recent review of the LFD Le III: “You can forget the audiophile bullshit. The Integrated Mk.III just sounds right. It breathes light and life into all kinds of music. Harmonics are spot on. Each voice, each instrument has its distinctive tonal color.That’s all I’m going to say about the sound. It hit the harmonics just right. When an amplifier does that, everything else falls into place: delicacy, definition, detail, rhythm, and pace. The soundstage and imaging were breathtaking…I’ll throw caution to the winds and say that the LFD Integrated Zero Mk.III LE is the best sounding solid-state integrated amplifier I have ever heard. I know of no other integrated, of any type, that sounds quite so right.” Stereophile Magazine Feb.2008.


What else is there to say? At $3,295 the handmade LFD Le III stands out from the crowd in a way that boggles the imagination. It is just so musical. Don’t look for a remote or preouts. It ain’t got them. No website or literature either (think slim line silver box 17 ½’ wide with 5 inputs) What it does have is the music in a way that amplifiers costing many time its price can only hope to have. If you want the music LFD has it!


The LFD Le Mark III will be replaced sometime in December with the LFD Le Mark IV at $4,100. The two amplifiers are essentially the same with the Mark IV having a sturdier, more anti resonant case. For the practically minded, the sound of the two amplifiers is identical, so if you want to save $800, you'd better act quick. There are only two LFD Le Mark III’s on the East Coast of the USA, and we have them!