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Zanden has taken the hi-fi world by storm! Heralded as the best sounding equipment at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, this gear really does need to be heard to be believed.

A remote controlled Preamp from Zanden?Will wonders never cease? Not with this company which exemplifies what is best in old and new technology.

Enter the Zanden 3100 linestage. a marvel of simplicity and engineering which sounds better than venerable model 3000:the preamp currently occupying the place of honor in my own system at 40% lower cost !!! That Makes the Zanden 3100 one of the best line stages in the world -Certainly the best line stage under $18,000.00.



Zanden Model 2000 CD Transport

 . There are 2 key areas where the Zanden transport excels far beyond its rivals. It has been designed to eliminate the effects of noise, which is one of the greatest obstacles to superior digital audio. It, also, features the world's most accurate digital clock in consumer audio, making jitter , phase noise and clock errors a thing of the past. In fact no D/A converter can perform to its full potential without the Zanden transport.

The goal of the 5000 Signature D/A converter [show picture] was to be the best match for the 2000 Premium CD transport. To that end Zanden designed a
5000 Signature D/A converter
separate power supply to isolate the musical signal from electromagnetic interference. Like other Zanden products the power supply is constructed of rectifier tubes to prevent the switching noise of diodes. Also, Zanden utilizes special noise absorption materials throughout the Model 5000 Signature's design. A unique I2S connection ensures no signal loss between the 2000 Premium Transport and 5000 Signature. The result is the world's ideal 16bit digital playback system. Mere words fall short of the beauty conveyed by a sound that is so natural that it must be heard to believe.

The new Zanden 2500 CD player combines many of their features and technologies into a single chassis. :

Features include

Patented analog filter with superior phase characteristics (No oversampling, no upsampling, no digital filter)

TDA-1541A (single crown available in N. America)

Internally wire for I2S data transfer protocol

Safety Wave RF noise absorption material

Sylvania 7308 or Philips 6922 tube for signal amplification

You’ve heard the limitations of digital. Now hear the potential.


Model 3000 Preamp

The model 3000 represents the world's finest pre-amplifier Its design is simple, elegant and like all Zanden products addresses various technical challenges facing the reproduction of recorded music. In this sense it perfectly complements our other products. It is often said in a complimentary fashion that the component just disappeared and only the music was left. Words that come to mind when describing the model 3000: precise, smooth, solid, built for a lifetime. Sonically, aesthetically the model 3000 is true high-end.



In a few years Zanden has become reknowned for its extraordinary

class A tube amps .

Rare is the amplifier that can capture the delicate beauty of Mozart's symphony #40. Still rarer is the amplifier that can capture the explosive dynamics of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. Rarest of all is the Zanden 9500 , an amplifier that can do both. Feel the power...awed by the beauty.

The Model 9500 mono-block amplifiers utilize one of the most linear vacuum tubes available: the 845. The 845 possess the tonality of the 300B and the power of the KT88. The result is 60 watts of pure class A tube power!

The 9500 amplifiers utilize a unique 3-stage push-pull circuit. An inter-stage transformer is used between the 2nd and 3rd stages to achieve optimum performance from the 845 vacuum tube. Rectifier tubes are used in the power supply.

Balanced and unbalanced inputs are standard, as well as an IEC power cord receptacle. A D.A.C.T stepped attenuator is located on the rear panel of each unit. The cover is constructed of brushed stainless steel. The front and rear panels are made of stainless steel polished to a mirror finish and brushed aluminum. The base is aluminum.

Where more power and bass control is required Zanden offers the Model 9600 power amp .Identical in appearance to the 9500 ,the 9600 outputs 100 watts per channel and only operates in balanced mode.


Model 9500 Amplifier

ZANDEN MODEL 6000 Integrated Amplifier


At this point in time,Any self respecting audiophile knows of or has heard the Zanden model 3000 line           stage and 9600 power amps. At nearly $70,000.00 for the combo they better be one of the best and in MHOP are in f act the best tube pre/power combo around period!

So, it comes as no surprise that the new  Zanden model 6000 integrated stakes the claim for the best tube integrated i have ever heard!

Of course it does not beat the 3000/9600..... but it sounds so much like them that it just seems impossible.


The Model 6000 includes a full-function remote control for volume, source selection, muting and absolute polarity inversion. These functions are accessible also via a rotary knob and switches on the unit itself. The preamplifier section offers 3 inputs plus unity gain in a home theater or as a power amplifier with separate preamplifier. The model 6000 utilizes 4 x KT-120 in push/pull to achieve 100 watts per channel. The 1st and 2nd voltage gain stages use 4 x 12AU7A, one per stage per channel. Zanden eschews paralleling output tubes and direct-couples the 2nd and 3rd stages of the output circuit, which operates fully balanced. A number of unique noise absorption and shielding techniques are used throughout including Asahi-Kasei Fibers Corporation’s Pulshut RF noise absorption materialThe result is audio heaven.


The extinction of vinyl records has been predicted many times, and yet the technology remains with us. In the face of digital formats, which are so convenient and user-friendly, it might seem difficult to explain the survival of vinyl. That is until you listen to both. Digital music has never equaled analog recordings in the quality or beauty of musical reproduction. Sonically there really is no comparison between the CD format and vinyl. Even the new high-resolution formats, such as DVD-Audio and SACD, use vinyl records as the benchmark for comparison. For those audiophiles who take the path less traveled in pursuit of musical perfection, Zanden proudly offers the Model 1000, 1100 and now the 1200 phono stages.

Model 5000 Signature DAC

The model 1200 is Zanden’s  top of the line stereo phono stage .

Model 1200

It is designed for use with moving coil cartridges and contains two separate step-up transformers for both high and low impedance cartridges. While most phono playback equalization circuits in preamplifiers are CR (capacitor & resistor) or NF (negative feedback), Zanden has chosen another method. The model 1200 uses a fixed impedance circuit called a bridged T. It is constructed from a capacitor, resistors, and an inductor. This has been the method of choice in professional playback systems for years and is the most accurate. The amplifier section has our original NO-NFB (no negative feedback) vacuum tube circuit. The power supply is constructed from a tube rectifier and an input choke to avoid the switching noise of diodes. The tube heater has current regulated circuits to prevent a rush of current from causing damage and guarantees the stable release of thermo-electrons from the tube’s cathode. High quality polypropylene film capacitors are used in the signal lines. The coils are manufactured on an automatic winding machine at our lines. The base, front, and rear panels are constructed of 16mm thick aluminum to keep vibrations to a minimum. The unit is then covered with beautiful stainless steel polished to a mirror finish.

Although many people believe the recording curves of all LP records were unified with the RIAA curve, this is not true. The RIAA curve did not become the standard until the fifties, and many recording labels used different recording curves during this period and earlier. To achieve the optimum playback of all stereo LPs the model 1200 allows the user to choose between RIAA, Columbia, and DECCA equalization curves by the simple turn of a mercury rotary switch. The input and phono equalization curve selection selections contain extremely reliable miniature relays, which maintain long-lasting, stable performance. The Zanden 1200 stereo phono stage offers uncompromising playback of all your stereo LPs.


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