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There is no company that is more deserving than VPI for a special place of note in the imaginary analog hall of fame inside my head.

For more than 30 years, VPI has been manufacturing best bang for the buck turntables in the medium high-end price range. These days it would be simply impossible to find a turntable better than a VPI between $1,800 and $12,000. That would have been enough, as we say every Passover, "Dayenu", but VPI did much more, introducing and manufacturing reasonably priced record cleaning machines which were (and continue to be) the first choice among audiophiles for their efficiency, ease of use, and price. For this record lovers owe VPI a solemn debt which they can repay by purchasing any of the VPI models considered below.

VPI 30th Anniversary Classic 

If there is one out and out favorite in turntables under $3000.00 it would have to be the VPI Classic.So say all the reviewers:

Hi Fi Plus - Turntable of the Year - 2009

Harry Pearson - Golden Ear Award 2009

Anthony Cordesman - Golden Ear Award 2010

So say all the vendors and most importantly so say all the  folks who have bought one!


The VPI “Classic Turntable” comes standard with the unipivot JMW-10.5i tonearm Special Edition in rigid mount mode.  The “Classic Turntable” uses new VPI silver coated pure copper wire, a solid plinth with black oak or walnut finish (at no additional cost), a solid mounted 600 RPM AC synchronous motor, new 2" thick machined aluminum platter, silent inverted bearing, and new isolator feet derived from the HR-X. .

The sound of the “Classic Turntable” is fast, clean, wide open, with deep powerful bass, and unequalled in speed stability.  The “Classic Turntable” gives any turntable made regardless of price a serious "run for the

VPI "Classic Turntable" Features:

  • Special Edition JMW-10.5i SE tonearm - By giving up "vta on the fly" adjustments, you get most of the sound of the highly reviewed JMW-10.5i tonearm. A new less expensive base and mounting saves hundreds of dollars but gives up little in sound.

  • New 6061 machined aluminum 18 pound high inertia platter with precision inverted bearing and stainless steel damping plate.

  • Speed stability on par with a master tape - Due to the rigid mounting of motor - platter - tonearm there isn't any random motion to cause speed instabilities.

  • Noise rejection allowing the "Classic Turntable" to sit on a wood shelf near four 15" subwoofers and having virtually no feedback.

  • Lack of random motion between the motor - platter - tonearm gives the ultimate in low level resolution. Not only does this rigidity improve speed stability, it also allows the retrievel of low level information with the world's great turntables and pushing against master tapes.

  • Absolutely solid, non-resonating laminated one-piece chassis holding all comonents. This is not a wooden frame; it is a solid laminated 2.5" thick MDF block with 11 gauge steel attached to the top with silicone and long bolts through all the layers. The chassis weighs 30 pounds and is totally non-resonant.

    If you want the industry recognized giant killer of a turntable the VPI CLASSIC IS YOUR only choice!

Aries Scout

The Scout, in its two-year existence, has become the worlds best-reviewed turntable! The lowest priced turntable in Stereophile's Class B category has attained high performance records worldwide.

For improved stability and damping, the Scout's chassis is made from 11/8" thick MDF bonded to a 12 gauge steel plate. The massive platter is composed of 13/8" acrylic and is mounted to an inverted bearing of Teflon and brass on a 60 case hardened shaft. The AC synchronous motor is contained in a separate steel housing and drives the platter for smooth, quiet operation.







The JMW-9 tonearm is the perfect complement to the Scout, offering all the advantages of a unipivot tonearm at a bargain price. The arm has a low friction bearing mounted onto a solid stainless steel rod with a knurled ring to set VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle).

As with the more expensive JMW-10.5i and JMW-12.7 arms, the wand assembly of the JMW-9 can be removed and replaced in seconds. This allows instant cartridge changes with multiple armwands. An RCA junction box allows any RCA-terminated interconnects to be used.

The JMW-9 uses the same geometry and mounting as the Rega RB300 tonearm and can be dropped right into the Rega armhole with no modifications.




The Scoutmaster combines key features from several ofVPI's most successful turntables. It uses the Aries 3 platter and inverted bearing, a larger version of the steel Scout motor assembly with fused IEC socket and 300-RPM 24 pole motor, and a dual Scout chassis with a steel center. The Scoutmaster also comes with the JMW-9 series tonearm installed. The table stands 19" by 14" and weighs 48 pounds.

VPI has never made a more musical and involved turntable at such a bargain price. The Scoutmaster is a Scout with a shot of testosterone for a complete musical experience. Options available are the, periphery ring, the power supply, and center weight.




Super Scoutmaster

After 27 years in the turntable business and the release of the HR-X we thought we had seen and done everything. Suddenly one day we were listening to the Scoutmaster and the thought hit us: This sounds so good what could we do to make it better? The end result was to cross the Scoutmaster and the HR-X producing the Super Scoutmaster (or SSM) . The SSM uses the most accurate motor drive in the business, the HR-X system. The massive flywheel and dual motor drive controlled by the revolutionary SDS power supply gives the smoothest rotation in the business. You can almost say that if your expensive table doesn't have a flywheel driving it, why is it so expensive?

The finishing touches are the specially designed, totally non resonant laminated chassis and the periphery ring clamp. The ring clamp lowers warp induced speed variations to near zero making the combination of HR-X flywheel drive and perfectly level record sound like a master tape.

  VPI flywheel

Before you purchase any expensive table you must compare the facts: Does it have a flywheel drive? Does it have a warp flattening system? Does it have an inverted bearing running on a silent Teflon surface? Does the speed control come from a state of the art power supply? The SSM has all of this and more.

The SSM comes with everything you need to play your records at the state of the art. The only option is the Mini-TNT feet, everything else is standard. The SSM is only available with the JMW-9 Signature tonearm, textured black motor housing, and the black acrylic platter.



To reviewers and manufacturers around the world the HR-X is known for its natural reproduction of scale and sweep, two of the things that make us feel like we are listening to live music. With world class detail, low noise, pace, and timing, the HR-X will bring the concert hall into your home. Best of all it does this with no fiddling, tweaking, or constant resetting.

The HR-X features a triple laminated chassis (Acrylic-Aluminum-Acrylic), integral air suspension (which rejects up to 98% of acoustic feedback) and an inverted main bearing incorporating a hardened steel ball running on a Teflon/Delrin composite. An outer periphery record clamp centers on the platter, not the record, to provide vacuum-like hold down without the problems inherent in a vacuum system.

The drive system uses two low-powered 24-pole motors driving a 12-pound flywheel, the flywheel spins at 300 RPM and has 62 times the inertia of a 25 pound platter. The drive system and the periphery clamp result in wow, flutter, and rumble that are all below measurability providing the most stable sound ever heard from a turntable.

The included brand new JMW 12.7 tonearm is bolted to the aluminum portion of the chassis with a double base mounting, providing the ultimate in rigidity and adjustability. The SDS power supply (included) rounds out the package and provides a pure AC signal to the drive system.

The HR-X includes the JMW 12.7 tonearm with Valhalla wire, periphery record clamp, center record weight, dual motor flywheel, air ball suspention, clear acrylic platter with inverted bearing, and power supply.






The principle of a vacuum machine is simple. The record is placed on the platter and the cleaning solution is applied to the surface of the record with a pump which is then worked into the grooves.  This solution is crucial as it is an effective degreasing agent removing grease which binds detritus to the surface of the vinyl. 


HW-16 & HW-16.5

The HW-16.5 is the standard in affordable record cleaning machines but neither its build quality nor its cleaning power has been compromised. Its high-torque, 18 RPM turntable motor is more than capable of withstanding the pressure of heavy scrubbing during extended cleaning sessions, and its 35-second cleaning cycle per side makes quick work of even the dirtiest records. Now with self aligning vacuum suction tubes for even more accurate cleaning, the HW-16.5's high-powered vacuum ensures quick, deep cleaning.

The newly designed vacuum pickup tube automatically adjusts to accommodate records of any thickness. The internal fluid collection system is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion, and the fully enclosed design prevents splashing. In the VPI tradition, all components are extra heavy-duty and professional grade.





Michael Fremer, writing in Stereophile, uses the HW-17 and called it the most copied cleaning machine in the world. The HW-17 is VPI's automatic, affordable, “state of the art” vacuum cleaning solution. Many music lovers and record collectors have collections running into thousands of titles. With a collection of this size it is useful to have a faster machine.



This machine is fan cooled and made of Marine Grade Plywood so it is virtually indestrucable. It was designed to be used in hour after hour cleaning large batches of vinyl without a break. In addition, the motors are the highest quality with integral fan cooling ensuring a long working life. The platter drive motor rotates at 18 RPM and is bi-directional. The bi-directional function was installed in this machine to ensure that dirt which is in the bottom of the groove in one direction could be loosened by cleaning in the opposite direction.



  The fluid is applied to the vinyl via a pumped cleaning fluid reservoir built into the machine. This fluid applicator has been designed to apply a very even layer of fluid across the record without risking contamination of the label. The twin arms on top of the machine contain a vacuum slot and a cleaning brush.  Both of these arms are self adjusting allowing optimal operation on a variety of vinyl thicknesses without user intervention.


This critically acclaimed machine is standard equipment in record libraries such as the US Library of Congress and numerous radio stations. This is one of the finest record cleaning machines in the World.


HW-27 Typhoon

Everything VPI has learned in 27 years of manufacturing the world's best (and most copied) record cleaning machines is incorporated into this new design. The HW-27 Typhoon Record Cleaner features twice the suction power of the HW-17, making the Typhoon the most powerful Record Cleaning Machine on the market.

The Typhoon comes with a dust cover, it has an automatic fluid-application, and scrubs bi-directionally with the most powerful built in vacuum.


  This machine is so powerful you will hear things from your records that were never revealed by other cleaning machines.


• Twice the suction power of the HW-17 which means the Typhoon is the most powerful machine on the market.
• Lower noise than the HW17 by roughly 6 db.
• Precision sheet metal chassis with all parts to +/- .004 inch
• Platter made from solid acrylic sitting on a bearing assembly similar to a turntable.