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It is not hard to find a high quality phono stage if you have a lot of money to spend. Acquiring a really musical phono amplifier which meets the demand of today's highly dynamic moving coil and moving magnet carrtridges that sells for under $2,000 is another matter.

There certainly are a lot of contenders.But so far one marque stands out for its quality of reproduction,reliability,and quietness. That marque is Trigon.

Manufactured in Germany, Trigon produces 3 phono stages which match our criteria, the Vanguard II, the Vanguard II w/VolcanoII power supply and the Advance.

All 3 phono amplifiers are MM/MC compatible with a wide range of adjustment over both gain and load impedance.


All 3 models meet the 3 stringent requirements posed by Trigon's mad genius designer, Ralph Kolmsee,which are:

1. Equalization of the input signal across the entire bandwidth.

2. High gain without spurious side bands through the use of ultra quiet low distortion proprietary devices and battery (rechargeable) power supply.

3. Individual adjustment of the feed impedance with precise ultra exact resistive elements.



All three range in price between $650 and $1,600.

All three sound much better than they have a right to given their cost.

No one can believe how musical the diminutive Vanguard II sounds when they hear its price. Add the Volcano II power supply and you achieve significant sonic improvements in detail and dynamics. Better still, splurge on Trigon's flagship, the wonderful Advance, with its bigger power supply and superior parts and hear how the background fades to black and all you have left is the music.




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