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Shunyata Research

Shunyata Research's high performance power distribution and cable systems have earned applications within the world's foremost recording, film, mastering and music studios.

Their listed accomplishments, trade relationships, technologies, endorsements, reviews and awards speak for themselves.




Shunyata Research’s original Hydra and Hydra Model 8 have received virtually every type of review award, professional endorsement and industry accolade possible since their inception in 2001. Over the past year, the success of these designs have led many studios, reviewers and consumers to request specific models and price points to address individual system requirements and budgets.


The Hydra Model 8 combines high current capability with Shunyata’s passive form of noise reduction and system protection to offer the perfect all-in-one power distribution solution. All four of the Model 8’s silver plated duplex outlets are isolated with their own buss structure and passively filtered, allowing each duplex to be interchangeably utilized for either high-current electronics or noise sensitive digital equipment.


Recently, Shunyata Research announced the new Hydra V-Ray. The Hydra V-Ray does what no competitive unit could do -- eclipse the performance of the Hydra Model 8. Unprecedented levels of sonic resolution and a stunning black velvet background await the owner of the new Hydra V-Ray.

The Hydra V-Ray retains all of the great qualities of the Hydra Model 8 including the Venom Filter technology. After two years of research, capacitive filtering technology has been taken to the outer extremes of performance with the advent of Shunyata Research's new Venom-Array Technology. The Venom-Array is a proprietary 24 element capacitive array designed and tuned to extend the Hydra philosophy to its outer limits of performance.



CDA-101 copper
The Hydra V-Ray includes a new power distribution buss system. Made from pure CDA-101 copper, the new buss system improves resolution by reducing eddy currents and waveform reflections.

The Hydra V-Ray is the ultimate expression of Shunyata Research’s passion and unending search for musical truth and perfection.

The overwhelming success of the Hydra 8 has allowed Shunyata Research to introduce three variably sized and highly specialized Hydra models. All three new models will offer the protection, performance and high-current attributes that have earned Hydra 8 its unprecedented array of awards and professional endorsements. There is now a Shunyata power product for any size system!


Not content with cleaning power for only the audio elite, Caelin Gabriel, the mad genius behind all of Shunyata’s technology, has developed the economical yet highly sophisticated Guardian series of power conditioners.

Guardian Series power distributors represent a significant advance in value, performance and technology that have evolved from Shunyata Research's award-winning Hydra Series power distributors. Shunyata Research has proven its commitment to improve performance and lower cost. The Guardian Series Power distribution products have clearly achieved that goal.


All Guardians are built with heavy gauge metal chassis for durability in severe environments. The all-metal construction ensures electrical and fire safety in high current systems. Not only can the Guardian’s outer chassis withstand the weight of an SUV, internally, it is capable of defeating anything the power line can dish out.

The Guardian's novel trapezoidal shape provides a stable platform even when using heavy, audiophile grade power cabling. Floor model Guardians feature top mounted inlet and outlets, which makes connections easy when used behind home theater wall-units and in back of equipment racks.

Guardians may also be rack mounted, either individually or in combination to serve the diverse professional or custom installation needs involving home media, professional studio or audiophile systems.

Guardians deliver a continuous 20-Amps of unrestricted current for power hungry audio/video systems. The Guardian products use expensive electromagnetic breakers that eliminate the power losses and thermal noise often caused by fuses and cheap thermal breakers. Guardians do not use coils, transformers or baluns that restrict the instantaneous flow of current.




Shunyata Research's Helix Series PowerSnakes represent a radical departure from conventional power cable designs. The masterfully hand-braided dual counter-rotating helices are visually intriguing as well as technically peerless.

The Helix Series cables deliver startling dynamics, precise musical timing, unprecedented low-level resolution and pitch-perfect tonal accuracy.


Listen for yourself and discover why the world's foremost recording studios, magazine reviewers and manufacturers of equipment and speaker systems use and recommend Shunyata Research products.


PowerSnakes Taipan Helix Alpha and Helix vX models introduce Shunyata Research's hand braided, patented Helix Geometry to a price point normally associated with simple spool-wire designs and cheap connectors. In keeping with its reputation, Shunyata Research once again brings the cost of State Of The Art power-system performance down to earth.

The Taipan Helix Alpha is ideal for any and all audio-video system electronics, while the vX model that contains the FeSi 1000 compounds is a highly specialized power cord that should only be considered for digital sources such as Digital Transports and some CD players.








The Python Helix Alpha and vX power cords were designed to be without compromise in performance and ease of use. The Python Helix design is highlighted by a complex version of Shunyata's patented, hand-braided Helix geometry. Python Helix power cords are regarded by professionals, recording studios, reviewers and recording artists as the finest performing products of their kind.

The Python Helix Alpha is ideal for any and all audio-video system electronics, while the vX model that contains the FeSi 1000 compounds is a highly specialized power cord that should only be considered for digital sources such as Digital Transports and some CD players.





PowerSnakes Anaconda Helix Alpha and vX power cords have achieved every review award and industry accolade one could imagine. The Anacondas have singlehandedly legitimized a product category once perceived as "tweaks". With Studio support from Phillips to Sony, Astoria Studio to SkyWalker Ranch, and award-winning reviews from Stereophile, TAS and SoundStage, the Anacondas reputation as the most highly regarded product of its kind, is secure.

The Anaconda Helix Alpha is ideal for all types of audio-video system electronics, while the vX model that contains the FeSi 1000 compounds is a highly specialized power cord that should only be considered for digital sources such as Transports and some CD players.


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