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Grab some popcorn, turn off the lights and run the projector.  Like magic, you are at the movies, only it’s a theater in your own home. 

In order to experience fully the visual impact of 35mm/70 mm film, there is simply no substitute for using a real front projection system focused on to a screen eight feet or better in size. 

There are a myriad of projection systems out there ranging in price from a few hundred to several hundred thousand dollars. One chip?  Three chip? 1080I? 1080P? How bright, what size screen?  These are only a few of the multitude of factors which have to be considered in choosing the projector and screen for your home theater.  Fortunately, one company has made it easy to select just the right projector for your environment.  That company is Runco.  It is at present the only video display manufacturer we use for projectors, plasma and LCD displays for a very good reason.  In its line up, Runco has the just the right projector for you at any size, brightness or level of resolution.  Most importantly, the Runco sets we use put out a better picture than any other projectors we have ever seen.

Plasma Display Monitors

Plasma monitors are the perfect solution for those who cannot use a front projector or who have too much ambient light in their theater. At a thickness of only 4" to 5", these monitors can be mounted on a wall or ceiling - or simply placed on a desktop!

Plasma systems can be used in any light condition, much like a regular TV. However, they can display all current DTV formats (via an outboard decoder), and are in wide screen format for watching DVD movies or high-definition video.

At Sound By Singer, plasma means Runco because only Runco makes plasma displays that reproduce movies with the film like quality we require to properly do home theater.

Runco XP-65 DHD 1080p plasma display
LCD Display Monitors

Until recently, LCD display monitors were truly a poor country cousin to Plasma displays.  Black levels were atrocious, color saturation while viewing off axis was practically non-existent, and there was virtually no depth in the picture. 

Of course, LCD displays had the benefit of being extremely bright and virtually immune to “burn -in”, which potentially affects plasma displays.  If only someone could make them have a good picture ...

... someone did just that.  That someone was Runco, which broke new ground with their crystal portfolio of flat panel LCD. While still not quite as convincing as a Runco plasma display, these LCD displays provide a truly convincing picture and incorporate integrated stereo speakers that blend perfectly with their stylish industrial design.

The superior Runco CX-57 HD

Runco LCD









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