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PS Audio


PS Audio was founded in 1974 by audio designers Paul McGowan (the P) and Stan Warren (the S) in Santa Maria, California. The first products they designed, manufactured and sold were all in support of vinyl records. Over the years, PS Audio's product line has grown to support every aspect of high-end home entertainment, starting at the AC power socket all the way to your loudspeaker terminals.

PS Audio's mission is to deliver the experience of music, film and video in the home with the highest level of performance coupled with the greatest value and ease of use as humanly possible. To achieve this, all PS Audio products are engineered in-house from the ground up. PS Audio employs multiple teams of engineers in both Boulder Colorado as well as the European continent. Using some of the most sophisticated engineering tools available, PS Audio is a strong proponent of utilizing the newest technologies in service of building state-of-the-art high value products for their customers.


Two of of PS Audio's most exciting new products are the Perfect Wave Transport and Direct stream DAC.

The Direct Stream DAC will change the way you think about digital to analog converters forever.Used as a companion to the PWT it produces sound quality from CDS normally associated with DACs costing two or three time its price. With its network bridge the  Direct Stream DAC  accesses high-resolution digital audio data from multiple sources such as a , computer, network, or the Internet and converts the data to the most musically natural sounding analog audio ever produced..

Class A+ Stereophile rated DirectStream DAC converts any digital input format, such as PCM or DSD to a pure DSD stream and outputs near-perfect analog directly to your power amplifier or preamplifier. Whatever the format, whatever the sample rate, DirectStream is a pure DSD based solution that fulfills the promise of a high-resolution analog performance standard the originators of CDs promised over 30 years ago. Hear what’s been missing in your music for all these years. If you know the sound of music and instruments, and want to hear what’s been missing on your discs, then this DAC is right for you.


The Direct Stream DAC is the first high-end product to fully transcend the limitations of traditional digital to analog converters by providing uncompromised performance for any media delivery or storage system possible. This means that it no longer matters how the digital audio data is stored or delivered, the PWD produces the same high performance audio sent over a network, taken from a hard drive, a CD or even downloaded via the Internet. As a music server, the Direct Stream Dac can access and control any compatible network source such as a network hard drive(NAS)or stream music directly off the Internet!

PS Audio’s ground breaking Perfect Wave Transport stands alone as the ultimate optical disc player ever made. Built from the ground up as a dedicated high-end optical disc transport, the PerfectWave Transport (PWT) Memory Player will read Red Book CD's and WAV files of any resolution from both CD and DVD discs (such as the Reference HRx discs) and output near-perfect digital data to any D to A processor made.


The PWT is designed to be the best optical disc player you will ever use. Future-proof and field upgradable, the PWT can read high resolution WAV files or standard resolution CD audio files directly and feed the perfected data to your DAC through standard AES/EBU, S/PDIF or PS Audio’s exclusive I2S through HDMI connection for unprecedented performance. Cover art, song titles, track times, sample rates and bit depth are all displayed on the beautiful color touch screen automatically for any inserted disc.


Using an optical ROM reader, the PWT extracts the data off any CD or DVD in bit-perfect condition without using error correction and places that data into a special version of the PS Audio Digital Lens. Once inside the Digital lens, the musical information is stored in pure form without clocks or any reference to time. The stored musical information is then retrieved by the PWT's asynchronous fixed timing clock and output to your DAC with perfect timing and extremely low jitter through its digital audio outputs, or jitter-free through the HDMI connector.



PS audio manufactures 22 power products ranging from a simple high quality outlet strip to power conditioners which regenerate power (Power Plant Premiere) for ultimate isolation from the wall to conditioners with 10 outlets and 5 zones that can be controlled from anywhere in the world (Power Play 9000)! Check with us as to which one is right for you.