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What is the ideal amplifier? Easy: it is one able to perform the task that justifies its existence: to render the source signal capable of driving the speakers. In other words, the ideal amplifier is no more than a “Straight wire with gain,” a dream that has disturbed the sleep of acoustic engineers as much as the “Philosopher’s stone” troubled the alchemists.

The first appearance of Pathos on the hi-fi scene did not go unnoticed: a short time after its debut, the T.T. has achieved a solid position in the history of high-fidelity. International audio reviews welcomed the first product from Pathos with highly enthusiastic comments and numerous prestigious awards.

Pathos TT Amplifier

When listening to music reproduced through a T.T. amplifier, you will experience an overwhelming difference in terms of musicality, transparency, tonal color and absence of listening fatigue. The reason: INPOL®, Pathos’ exclusive worldwide patented pure Class A feedback-free circuitry.

The T.T. has achieved a level of respect across the globe for its originality of industrial design, uniqueness in circuit topology, and sincerity in sonic reproduction. Simply put, the T.T. exists for those who believe music is food for the soul.


The InPower monoblock power amplifiers represent the evolution of INPOL® circuitry that originated with the T.T. integrated amplifier. The purpose of the InPower project was to design an amplifier able to drive all loudspeakers. even in spacious listening environments. All this with the same state-of-the-art sound quality of the T.T.
The InPower reproduces sound which is exquisitely “tube” in terms of musicality, warmth and transparency, with the speed and dynamics typical of the most respected solid stale amplifiers.

As is custom with Pathos, all components are care fully selected, the signal wiring is Pathos pure silver cable, materials and craftsmanship are of the highest level and the industrial design is equal to the sonic performance.

In essence, the InPower introduces to the world a truly unique weaving of power and passion.


Pathos InPower Amplifier

Pathos INPOL2

INPOL2 is the latest creation from Pathos, so-called because in the design Pathos presents the 2nd generation of their proprietary INPOL® technology. It is also a completely balanced dual-mono configuration — easily recognized by the styling. The INPOL2 is a unique amplifier in many aspects and its sound quality will simply astound.

The INPOL2 is constructed as a hybrid with CLASS A amplification (45watt) and an impressively wide bandwidth in a feedback-free layout. The preamplifier is entirely tube-based, balanced and optimized for feeding the mosfet output stage to maximum effect. Tubes are still the best components for amplifying the signal voltage, in order to preserve the harmonic integrity of the input signal.


The Logos is a two-in-one machine that combines pre- and power amplification stages in a common chassis. The circuit has been laid-out in a feedback-free ‘natural’ way according to the fundamental principles of the Pathos philosophy. The pre-amplification stage is entirely tube-based, balanced, operates in pure class A and is powered by a dedicated stabilized power supply. The digital 100-step volume control system is 100% resistive thanks to an integrated network of high precision, laser-trimmed resistors that guarantee perfect interchannel balance. The input selector is operated through high-tech miniaturized relays, originally developed for very high frequency telecommunication applications.


Pathos Logos Integrated

The output stage is true dual-mono and outfitted with oversized transformers and power supplies to deliver high current into even demanding loads. This stage ensures great energy for superior dynamics and punch, without affecting the warmth, naturalness and musicality provided by the tube stage.

To hear what these amazing Pathos products sound like, come on down to Sound By Singer and find out just how close to the music you can get.

Pathos Classic One mkIII

The Classic One was created to embody, in a more affordable amplifier, all the know-how and expertise acquired developing reference products. Classic One represents a new standard in its price category: in a single chassis, a preamplifier and power amplifier, completely separated from each other and provided with their own individual power supplies provide an astonishing level of sound quality,

The preamplifier is purely tube, balanced, pure Class A, extremely low noise, with high intrinsic linearity and without any feedback. It provides an exquisitely tube sound in terms of transparency, air, harmonics and refinement. In a word, musicality.


The solid state power amplifier stage features high bias current, Class A/AB, easily able to drive any load. It provides speed and dynamics, without influencing the (tube) nature of the sound. The volume control is motorized and remote controlled. The remote itself is of solid wood. Power supplies are over-dimensioned and stabilised. Selected components, pure silver Pathos signal cable wiring, gold plated terminals, high quality materials, and refinement at its highest standard are additional benefits provided with the Classic One.

Together with such sound performance and overall quality, the Classic One is offered at a price that clearly demonstrates a philosophy of value for money. This is all possible thanks to an aimed design approach coupled with extremely accurate engineering and superior aesthetic form.

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