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You have to ask yourself why any company would try to get into the master control/systems integration business when there is a Crestron.Yet, every year new companies enter the field claiming to be better than Crestron, cheaper than Crestron, more technologically advanced than Crestron, more reliable then Crestron, etc., when in fact, they are not. No wonder, then, that every year some of these companies fall by the wayside while Crestron continues to grow producing more advanced products at a cheaper price, providing even better customer service then their already incredible support program.


The amazing TPMC-8W WiFi control panel



When it comes to systems integration and master control systems, Crestron is the gold standard.  Its product is the most reliable and the most technologically advanced in the market place.  Crestron addresses more system control problems than any other company from lighting to AV control; distributed audio to teleconferencing.

Crestron has an elegant solution which meets our client’s needs perfectly!  Most importantly, Creston has the best customer service available anywhere with a diverse team of engineers and programmers which respond to any systems integration related issue with astonishing speed, efficiency and expertise. 

Crestron enables us to ensure that our clients' systems work flawlessly.  That is why at Sound By Singer, Creston is the only master control/ systems integration company we recommend.

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