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Magnum Dynalab


With the introduction of a simple, yet revolutionary product over 20 years ago, Magnum Dynalab's legacy began. Its incredible Signal Sleuth, designed to boost and stabilize FM signals, was launched in 1984 and eventually led to the introduction of what would become Magnum's core product line for many years; world-leading analog FM tuners for the home market.

FT 101


After considerable success with the Signal Sleuth, Magnum's first FM tuner, the FT 101, was launched in September 1985.

The design of the FT 101 was not only received by audio enthusiasts with glowing reviews, it also formed the backbone of the design for the entire product line. From these pure analog design fundamentals, Magnum has introduced 15 unique analog FM tuners over the past 20 years, including our its new Triode series, incorporating tube technology into the audio output stage of many new products.





To compliment its lineup of analog tuners, Magnum Dynalab also began producing an assortment of both directional and omni-directional FM antennas, intended to ensure our listeners enjoyed the best our products have to offer. These antennas continue to be appraised as the best in the business, used by listeners around the world.


As the world of source audio evolved in recent years, analog FM tuners have become more and more a staple of only the purest of audiophiles. While all music lovers have been using digital source products for many years (CD players), the product mix is now evolving to include satellite radios, hard-disk based audio servers, and streaming internet audio. As a result of this changing environment, Magnum has launched itself into the development of FM/satellite radios and pure satellite radios. Each like their purist FM tuners, represent the best of their ilk.


 Magnum's range of product is immense, encompassing 3 solid state FM tuners the MD-90, MD-100, and MD-102; 6 tube triode tuners the M-D90T, MD-100T, MD-102T, MD-106T,  MD-108T, and the amazing  MD-109 World Source Platform, which while being undeniably the world's best FM tuner also embraces the evolution of the multi-format audio source environment that we live in today.



Designed to remain perpetually current, the MD 109 (seen above) starts with receiving and delivering with sonic accuracy all terrestrial FM signals better than any FM tuner that Magnum has ever developed. Beyond this, it is also upgradeable to accommodate digital audio from various sources, including satellite radio, CD, DVD and Internet. Quite simply, the MD 109 serves as your source component for all future listening options and variables.

With so much to choose from it only makes sense for our customers to take advantage of the years of experience we have had in high quality over-air radio to help them select which Magnum Dynalab model best suits their needs!


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