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Magico Speakers



One might think that it is an odd time to introduce a $90,000 statement loudspeaker system given the current state ofthe economy and the iffy outlook for the near future. Odd for any speaker manufacturer but Magico, that is! For just like the Magico Mini II and the V-3 which are generally recognized as beingthe best speakers in their class, the new Magico M-5 simply trounces every other contender in the sub $150,000 ranking of super speakers and are just as good as -- and in ,most cases, quite a bit betterthan -- the few speakers which dare to command an even higher price tag.






 You see, the Magico M-5’s do everything right. They are unbelievably open and reproduce thefull bandwidth from extreme low bass to ultra high frequencies with as much authority as anything I've ever heard, displaying a timbral accuracy that is simply uncanny and as transparent as a mountain lake. Every nuance is there, every bit of detail, apparent not in an artificial or contrived way, but with that you-are-there quality, which sends goose bumps down your spine and makes you reach for your checkbook. It is no wonder that they are typically back ordered several months!


The M5 utilizes Magico’s proprietary MR-1 Ring Radiator tweeter, two optimally balanced 6” Nano-Tec® drivers, and new 9” Nano-Tec® woofers, making this the first Magico speaker to incorporate a full range of truly ‘in-house’ drive-units. Utilizing one of the most intricate passive loudspeakers ever built, the M5 retains Magico’s revolutionary ‘tension-coupling’ mechanism.

With their signature 17-ply Baltic Birch cabinet sporting a 200 lb. slab of 6061-T aircraft grade aluminum machined into a 73 lb. vertically convex baffle, Magico has created the ideal housing for their massive new bass drivers. Intended to completely change the limits of loudspeaker performance, the 2009 Innovation Award-winning M5 is the most thoroughly developed and technologically ambitious loudspeaker Magico has built to date. And that may make it the most technologically innovative loudspeaker extant, period!



These words are never truer than when applied to loudspeakers because, no matter how good a tranducer looks (the "is") it is the "does" part -- how it sounds -- which determines whether a loudspeaker is a swan or a n ugly duckling. At first glance, anyone can see that Magico loudspeakers have the "is" part down.With a passing nod to the Biedermeier school of design, the Magico cabinets are impeccably crafted out of solid hard wood in graceful lines and near-perfect proportions.

Their matte black curved anodized aluminum front baffles not only set off the natural beauty of the wood finish but also allow Magico's proprietary Nano Hi Fi Tech drivers to be directly mounted to them from the rear without the use of a single screw between metal and wood. This ensures perfect and reliable coupling for years to come.

Transparent as a mountain lake, the Magicos reproduce highs that go out to light speed without ever sounding glossy or tinny and display a verisimilitude in high frequency reproduction unmatched by anything I have ever heard. Every nuance is there, every bit of detail, apparent not in an artificial or contrived way, but with that you-are-there quality, which sends goose bumps down your spine and makes you reach for your checkbook.


So she's good to look at, but can she cook? The answer is - yes, and then some. Because it is the "does" part of Magico's beauty which sets them apart from other speakers. As aesthetically pleasing as Magicos are to look at, they would have to be 100 times more visually appealing before their "is" measures up to their "does". You see, Magicos do everything right. They are unbelievably open and reproduce the midrange as well or better than anything I've ever heard, with a timbral accuracy that is simply uncanny.



V3 drivers are mounted from the back of the aluminum faceplate so as not to obstruct the curvature of the front plate and cause diffractions. As with all MAGICO models, drivers are mounted directly to metal; no hardware is used to directly attach the drivers or metal parts to the wooden parts of the enclosures. This ensures perfect and reliable driver-coupling for years to come.




At the heart of the MINI's enclosure are 16 horizontal layers of extremely stiff, 1", laminated, 17-ply Baltic Birch plywood.

The result is an enclosure that is three times stiffer than enclosures fabricated with the vertical MDF construction techniques typically found in high-end loudspeakers. To maximize driver-enclosure coupling, the faceplate and the rear panels are machined from 1.5 6061T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum billets, a material 6 times stiffer than any wood product.

The aluminum faceplate is optimally curved to follow the speaker's exterior profile and help reduce diffraction, while the curved internal walls of the enclosure allow for an even distribution of the pressure generated by the driver's back wave. In fact, the greater the pressure inside the MINIs, the stiffer their enclosures become. This results in minimal energy losses, translating to maximum bass definition and control. The drivers are completely decoupled from the wooden parts of the enclosures and no hardware is used to hold any metal parts to the enclosure, permanently ensuring a totally sealed enclosure.

 Weighing over 120 lbs each, the MINI's stands are designed and constructed to play a vital role in allowing the speakers to achieve their maximum performance. Unlike most speaker stands, which use steel construction for their main support, MAGICO uses much more expensive but harmonically neutral 6061 aluminum. This material is known for its greater stiffness, lower energy storage, and resistance to "ringing." The speaker is then decoupled from the stand with a unique ball-bearing system. The 2.7-degree tilt of the top plate ensures perfect time alignment of the tweeter and midbass drivers.




Every time I listen to a new Magico Speaker, I marvel at the degree of accuracy and sheer musicality it produces. The V2, Magico’s least expensive transducer ($18,000/pr), is no exception. In fact, in some ways the V2 is the most impressive Magico of them all because of how much sound you get for your money. Maybe you know of another speaker under $27,000 per pair that has all the timbral rightness, incredible detail, delicious transparency, superb sound staging and sheer balls which the V2 displays, but I doubt it. I certainly don’t! Most importantly, like all Magico speakers, the uncanny V2 has a huge dose of that ” Je ne sais quoi” quality of harmonic complexity and rightness which all great loudspeakers display, but to a degree which is entirely out of proportion to the V2’s modest price.The Magico V2 is not just a winner but a true champion!