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Jeff Rowland Design Group




Jeff Rowland Design Group is not so much a business as a dedication--a dedication to a single, heartfelt idea, the production of electronic components capable of unveiling the rich, emotional tapestry of music in a personally involving way.




  Such dedication carries with it the implicit responsibility of a wholly uncompromising approach to audio design. At Jeff Rowland Design Group, pride of craftsmanship shares equal footing with sonic innovation. The result is a product line that offers unrivaled musical revelation packaged in chassis designs of unparalleled beauty.





The Capri Preamplifier offers a simple feature set for ease of use and a large, high-visibility display for volume level indication. The display can also be configured to turn off after 3 seconds when not in use.


As typical for Jeff Rowland products, the entire chassis of the Capri is milled from a solid, massive block of 6061 aluminum to provide a vibration-free and EMI resistant enclosure for sensitive audio circuitry.





Dual line-level outputs (balanced and unbalanced), balanced and unbalanced inputs, and preamp bypass inputs allow unprecedented compatibility with virtually any A/V component in both stereo and multi-channel installations.

The most commonly used features of the preamplifier can be controlled with an easy to use, six function, hand-held IR remote control.


A dual rate volume control allows precision level adjustments over nearly a 100 dB range. The volume control incorporates a permanently noiseless optical encoder that will always maintain its tactile feel, accuracy, and channel balance at all settings.


Optional high quality internal phono preamp modules are available.


Cosmetically and dimensionally, the Capri is the mate for the Jeff Rowland Model 102 Stereo Amplifier. The Capri's sonic performance, interconnect capabilities, and feature set make it a capable preamplifier for any high-end system.



Model 102

At Jeff Rowland Design Group, truly great audio has been reduced to this: The astonishingly powerful and incredibly efficient Model 102 stereo amplifier, definitive proof that good things can come in small sizes.

Utilizing the same ICEpower™ patented power conversion technology that has revolutionized modern amplifier design, the Model 102 packs a true 100 watt wallop in a tiny 3x13x7 inch machined solid aluminum housing virtually immune to resonance.

The newest member of the Jeff Rowland family of fine audio components, the 102 is the product of an obsessive quest to perform one of modern electronics' most difficult balancing acts - the creation of clean, dynamic power without the unwanted and, now unwarranted, byproducts of excessive heat and mass.



The Model 102 achieves this goal by the innovative application of impressive new developments in power supply and power output stage design. This 10-pound marvel features a balanced input/output topology combined with true
dual-mono power supplies to deliver handsomely on the promise inherent in its elegant appearance.

Pound for pound, the Model 102 is simply an amplifier without peer, producing an entrancing and satisfying musical experience far out of proportion to its dimensions... and at a price that redefines value.

The JRDG Model 102, size one up and discover the true state of audio excellence, from the Jeff Rowland Design Group.




Model 201

An extraordinary journey into the undiscovered country of audio excellence, the Model 201 announces a new order in amplifier design. This amazing amplifier offers an unprecedented alliance between power and efficiency in a small yet elegantly engineered package. Don’t be fooled by its surprisingly compact size - the Model 201 Mono Amplifier from Jeff Rowland Design Group is an amplifier capable of prodigious displays of power and performance. Featuring state-of-the-art power conversion, the Model 201 brings a quiet revolution to music and film score and marks the first true expression of amplifier technology free of the limitations of traditional amplifier design.



The Model 201 offers an innovative solution to one of the most stubborn conflicts in audio design: to build an amplifier with the power and presence to recreate all of the subtlety of the world's great recordings without the troubling by-products of conventional design such as excessive power consumption, massive size, questionable reliability and objectionable heat. With its patented ICEPOWER® power conversion technology, the Model 201 solves each of these dilemmas. The Model 201 combines incredible power and composure with a cool, quiet efficiency never before realized in the art of amplification.


Ideally sized, light-weight, and perfect for multi-channel use, the Model 201 offers maximum system flexibility for use in audio-video applications. A striking solid billet aluminum chassis provides the Model 201 a stable, non-resonant platform that is completely EMI and RF shielded. Balanced inputs and custom wheel lock binding posts complete an exterior that practices what the Model 201 preaches: no compromise in appearance or performance.






Model 501

Effortless. An amplifier's ability to drive a loudspeaker and accurately portray a musical composition's dynamic crescendos in lifelike manner rests in its capacity to provide instant and effortless power upon demand. Utilizing ICEPOWER™ power conversion technology to produce over 500 watts into 8 ohms and 1000 watts into 4, the Model 501 easily satisfies this criterion. Born from the same knowledge and experience that inspired the critically-acclaimed 300 Series, the Model 501 raises the bar to new heights in its achievement of sonic excellence in a small, efficient, low-cost package.





Exploding myths. Jeff Rowland Design Group has convincingly and consistently proven that careful and enlightened execution of design can overcome and reverse notions once thought of as audio heresy, i.e., line-level transformers, fully-balanced inputs and outputs, switching power supplies, and the list goes on. The 501 dispels the myth that only low-power amplifiers can faithfully honor the original source.



  Satisfying demands. The finest modern loudspeaker designs, from diminutive studio monitors and massive multi-driver arrays to large, full-range electrostatics, require an unwavering source of amplifier power to convey music naturally and realistically. The great majority of loudspeakers present complex and difficult loads that must be driven in a linear manner. The Model 501 satisfies this demand while maintaining the precision of a lower powered amplifier.


Flexibility. Multiple Model 501s are as capable of powering a custom multi-channel home theater system as two units driving a full-range stereo loudspeaker system. Its diminutive size and low operating temperature allow for flexible placement in any listening environment.