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James Loudspeaker

James is an audio company that simply does too much in spreakers to discuss on a single web page which is why we advise you to visit them on their website: if you wish to get a complete picture of the breadth of their coverage.


The James Audio 101-T outoor speaker






Suffice it to say that at Sound By Singer we rely on James Loudspeaker for a multitude of products from the world's best value in home Theater and hi-fi subwoofer s to ingenious  and musical  solutions for music outdoors.




Their in wall speakers are simply the best available and their on wall units are a joy to listen to!

Every day systems leave our store with James Cinema 10 ,12 and 15 or  or EMB-1000, 1200 or 1500 subwoofers. So much so that we almost take them for granted. Big mistake.

James Subwoofers,dollar for dollar, pack more punch with detail than any brand I can think of in their price range !


EMB-1500 subwoofer


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