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Cary Audio




 Since 1989 Cary audio has represented the forefront of the art in tube and solid state amplification From their  venerable SLI-80 integrated to the CAD 211 Founder's Edition  single ended tube amp Cary has led the way in innovative Tube designs.


The Cary CD306 SACD Pro -- This technological tour de force CD and SACD player includes an all aluminum chassis with custom machined aluminum cone feet, eight (!!!) Burr Brown 1792u DAC chips running in parallel pairs, it has the ability to play multi channel SACD disks as stereo down mix or to play stereo playback of SACD disks. This is a serious player, and has been getting rave reviews by our clients!



CD 303T SACD Professional Version
compact disc SACD player

The CD 303T SACD is a vacuum tube/solid state selectable SACD player. Plays Redbook CDs and upsamples at 44.1, 96, 192, 384, 512, and 768kHz. Internal clocking of 22.5792 MHz in SACD processing mode. In vacuum tube mode, the analog output section utilizes four 12AU7 vacuum tubes as the audio gain stage as well as the output buffer. Can be used as a standalone DAC with switchable inputs for USB (24 bit 192 kHz), RCA, and Toslink. Four PCM1792u DAC chips running in parallel pairs. The output vacuum tubes have a removable panel above them for tube exchange or ‘tube rolling’ without opening the chassis.


Additional features of this player include adjustable metal cone feet, and vacuum tube and solid state output sections that can be changed through the remote or by a button on the front panel. Other enhancements include a dimmer light control for the display, C-core power transformer, fully regulated power supplies, RS 232 port control for custom installation systems, and HDCD decoding with Cary DSP-300 digital filter. Available with silver or black anodized aluminum front panel.


compact disc player

The CD-500 is an outstanding CD player offering HDCD decoding. It has 192 kHz, 24 bit Burr Brown 1792u DAC chips in the critical digital to analog converter section. The CD-500 contains audio grade Elna capacitors in the audio circuit for incredible bass, extremely musical midrange, and extended highs. By having the ability to upsample a CD disk from 44.1 kHz to 96, 192, 384, 512 or 768 kHz it can find the perfect sample rate for each disk in your musical library. Discrete RS 232 and Infrared command codes make it custom installation ready. The CD-500 is available with a silver or black anodized aluminum front panel.