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Brinkmann Analog

Brinkmann simply makes some of the finest turntables we've ever come across. Second only to the Continuum Reference (which is nearly four times the price!) the Brinkmann Balance is impeccably and precisely crafted for the ultimate experience in vinyl playback. The Balance features a super-precise bearing and an optional tubed power supply. This turntable will make you appreciate your vinyl collection all over again! Make an appointment today at Sound By Singer to give it a listen!

Brinkmann Audio has produced the Balance turntable for over 15 years and has continuously worked to optimize it. Their aim was to combine timeless beauty, high sound quality and perfection in workmanship. The turntable is available in a design of black and stainless steel.

The ‘Analog Package’ includes turntable chassis, Brinkmann tonearm base machined specially for the Brinkmann tonearm, platter, record clamp, motor, switch unit and the transistorized power supply for oil platter bearing temperature control and motor as well as tools for adjustment and all cables.

Additionally available are: separate tonearm bases for many other tonearms, the vacuum tube power supply and a platform support made from aluminum / granite. We recommend the HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems) isolation platform.


Harmonic Resolution Systems
Isolation Base

The chassis is milled from a 40mm strong dural-plate and is equipped with attachments for the bearing and the tonearm base. The tonearm base has a special clamping technique to enable the customer to change between various tonearms; each one installed on a separate base, within a few moments and adjusts each one precisely.




The Brinkmann Balance turntable features an attachment for the tonearm base that fits with a machined culet and can be fixed or loosened via a single screw. This enables the user to adjust the effective length of the tonearm while the base is being allowed to be moved freely.



Surely the most precise element of the turntable is the bearing, especially with the BALANCE it was most important to drive the 20kg weighing plate without any reeling. Brinkamann reduced the temperature dependence of the material with the help of an electronic temperature control to nearly nothing to guarantee a smooth turning of the table. A power mosfet, installed beneath the bearing, produces with the help of a control circuit power dissipation that is needed to create a stable temperature.


The tonearm base can be equipped for various different tonearm mounts (each precision machined for a specific tonearm) according to the needs of the customer for tonearms with a length of 9 to 10.5 inches. The internal tonearm wiring is soldered directly from the tonearm to a pair of mounted RCA (un-balanced/asymmetrical) cable sockets or XLR (balanced/symmetrical) sockets on the Brinkmann Balance arm base.


The turntable platter is made from a massive block of a special aluminum that has low resonance because of a mixture of lead and copper. Supported by the 90mm strength of the plate and the firmly inserted crystal glass plate follows a total absence of resonance.


The crystal glass platter gives a very smooth and even surface; therefore the record clamp for a safe placement of the records is included and suggested to be used. A plastic ring in the middle of the plate lifts the crystal glass minimally and is pressed back onto the plate by the record clamp at the outer rim of the label. That way, there is a good contact between record and platter, minimizing the resonance quickly from the record to the platter.

The motor with its switch unit is placed separately beside the turntable. A motor control constructed specially for this turntable drives the Pabst motor electronically to the speeds 33 and 45, both speeds can be fine adjusted separately with two rotary switches. A precisely cut round belt transfers the drive from the motor to the plate.


The turntable is delivered with its own transistorized power supply, but is optimally driven by our vacuum tube power supply additionally giving the motor the purest source.

The TONEARM 10.5 is ideally suited for this turntable.




After many years of research and development, Helmut Brinkmann constructed the magnetic direct drive turntable Oasis. Since this project was so well received by music lovers all over the world, the company decided to release a second model that features the same magnetic direct drive system, though visually more inspired by the design of the company's top-of-the-line models. The BARDO features the magnetic motor drive and platter, an acrylic platter mat, the same spindle and bearing as found in the company's Balance and comes with an outboard power supply. The tonearm base of the BARDO can be rotated and secured without play to allow a simple and precise adjustment for all tonearms between 9 and 10.5 inches. Brinkmann will drill the base to accept the tonearm of the customer's choice. The output sockets found on the back of the turntable can be equipped with either RCA or XLR sockets, and it is also possible to install tonearms with DIN connectors or fixed cables. The BARDO can spin at either 33.3 or 45 rpm as there is an LED indicator, with fine adjustment of speed being ± 10 percent. Wow and flutter is a low 0.07 percent and rumble (noise) is -64 dB. Dimensions are 16.5 x 12.6 x 4(WxDxH in inches) and the entire unit weights in at 32.6 lbs not including the supplied polished granite base.


How does the Bardo Stack up against the other fine turntables out there?

Read This:


written by David Price in the July issue of HiFi World (UK): 

(The aluminum sub-platter carries the steel bearing shaft, the ring magnets and the tachometer for measuring speed. The bearing housing is made of machined aluminum.  The bearing shaft rotates on a smooth and super durable Teflon bearing cup.)



"Moving to Steely Dan's 'Rickie Don't Lose That Number' and the Bardo provided what's best described as a mastertape-like rendition. It's a cliché in a hi-fi magazine I admit, but it summed up the Brinkmann in a nutshell. Tight, taut incisive and super-detailed, yet at the same time authoritative and effortless.  

There is still just as much low end as say, an SME Model 10, but its sounds far better articulated. Across the midband, the Bardo has a neutrality that you can't help but love; there's little of the creamy warmth of your average belt drive superdeck, but neither is there the chill of classic high end Technics designs, for example, and absolutely no sense of a clangy, chromium plated upper mid. Rather, it's akin to a gently sunny summer's day where nothing blinds you but all's still there in sharp relief. This fine balance is topped off by a sparkling  treble that's in no way as  sharp as any of the last generation of Japanese direct drives, but still has their vivid presence. A fine balance, to be sure.  

    (   Bardo seen here with the optional Glass & Stainless Steel record mat, 10.5 tonearm & EMT Ti cartridge - a stunning turntable system.)

Feed this turntable with some classic electro and it's breathtaking. Heaven 17's 'Fascist Groove Thang', with all its complex sequenced synthetic sounds and high energy percussion was rendered with blistering speed and insight, the Bardo setting up a very large and precise soundstage inside which everything was explicitly located. Glenn Gregory's voice was carried with startling immediacy, the recording sounding incredibly fresh despite its age and the humble studio recording the track was laid down in. is a great conveyor of dynamics, making many rival belt drive decks sound positively disinterested in what they are supposed to be playing. is lovely to use, silent, uncomplaining, non-wobbly and small in size, it's a turntable for those who believe a deck should be heard and no seen.  

Finally, sonically it is almost unique. Delivering a big, powerful, effortless punch into your system, you'll be shocked at the level of detail and insight it's got, and the eerie 'spaces between the notes' that you simply don't hear with belts. Fantastic dynamics, a shimmering high treble and bucketloads of air and space complete a prime package.  

For me, this is an important new entrant to the high end turntable market; superbly and subtly engineered, it deserves to succeed."   


VERDICT  ***** (5 out of 5)

With startling clarity and dizzying speed, this is an exceptional performer at the price and thus an essential audition.



The Brinkmann  Bardo,which  is available with the Origin Live Arm for under $10,000.00, simply outplays any tonearm turntable  combination in its class .Out fit it with the New Brinkmann  10.5 tonearm & EMT Ti cartridge and add the optional glass platter ($16,700)and you have an analog playback system which cannot be touched by any other Player under 20K



An analog-loving audiophile chooses a first class turntable for several reasons. Usually the first objective will be for the table’s ability to produce whatever has been recorded onto the LP to the highest level of accuracy and resolution.

The second is that the table (arm and cartridge) is musical and gifts the listener with the impact, and power, and soul of the music. The solidity of a turntable is a must. Absolute mechanical stability combined with extreme precision is the requirements for that musical transparency that goes beyond the usual. A certain number of people use various tonearm-cartridge combinations for the different musical needs in order to get the best out of whatever record.

To comply with this demand, Brinkmann has designed and developed the new LaGRANGE turntable for music lovers who use two tonearms.



Tonearms with lengths from 9 to 12 inches can be installed and adjusted optimally according to their effective length. A special clamping technique of the tonearm-base to the turntable plinth allows arms to be changed and set properly within seconds.


The turntable features an intake for the tonearm-base that fits like a draw-in culet and can be fixed or loosened via a single screw. This enables the user to adjust the effective length of the tonearm while the base is being allowed to move freely.



The right hand base/arm board is constructed for short arms (9 or 10.5 inches) and the left hand base/arm board for longer arms (10.5 or 12 inches). Our own Brinkmann tonearm fits onto both of the bases, making it possible to combine it with longer as well as shorter tonearms.

The turntable is supplied with a transistor power supply, for even better results their optional vacuum tube power supply should be used and is available as an option.


The TONEARM 10.5 is ideally suited for this turntable.


Of course, the LaGrange is also available in a one arm version; happily for those on a budget, it is also less expensive.

After years of time spent on development and technical collaboration, Brinkmann has now brought their 10.5 inch tonearm to perfection.

As a light- to middle- weight arm with an effective mass of approximately 10 grams it is perfectly capable to handle all modern cartridges. The tracking force and the dynamic mass can be adjusted by the graded counterweight using two differently shaped discs for fine adjustment. This gives the tonearm a good adaptability for a great number of different phono cartridges. This tonearm on a Brinkmann turntable is one fantastic combination!




The Brinkmann EMT Titanium Moving Coil Phono cartridge features very short signal paths and is modified using special non-electrically conductive materials with a solid titanium mounting platform and is a medium-weight, medium-compliance cartridge. It was designed for use with high-quality tonearms.

The Brinkmann modifications are designed to control resonance and in doing so, to increase clarity and extension beyond the original studio EMT cartridge. The result is dynamic, lively, extremely detailed and full-bodied music transducer perfectly matched to the Brinkmann 10.5 tonearm and the Balance, LaGrange and Oasis turntables.