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Balanced Audio Technology

The name Balanced Audio Technology refers to more than just BAT's use of balanced circuits. It reflects their commitment to overall excellence. BAT brings the same uncompromising standards to every aspect of engineering -- from circuit conception to vibration control and parts placement -- as well as to visual design, customer service, and dealer support.

Balanced Audio Technology makes fine audio equipment for the dedicated music lover. Each component offers among the most innovative engineering and lifelike musicality in its class.



The new VK-52SE preamplifier is one of BAT's new jaw-dropping reference products. Redesigned from its predecessor ( the legendary VK-51SE) the VK-52SE features a updated power distribution system, resulting in a silky smooth frequency response from top to bottom. This preamp must be heard to be believed!


The VK-52SE preamplifier continues the evolution of the 5X series preamplifiers by once again offering dramatic improvements to its power supply. The VK-52SE makes these improvements to its power distribution system with a completely revised second-generation SUPER-PAK that employs new-technology oil filled capacitors for power supply bypass. The new VK-52SE Super-Pak has (oil capacitor for oil capacitor) fully one hundred times the energy storage of the older VK-51SE Super-Pak. Consequently, the VK-52SE obtains a near ten-fold increase in the proportion of energy storage derived from its next-generation oil filled capacitors.

The result is a new level of textural liquidity and coherence in the reproduction of music, while simultaneously maintaining the effortless dynamics that have made BAT preamplifier designs so highly regarded in the industry.

BAT recently introduced the VK-42SE as their new reference in solid-state preamplifiers.

The VK-42SE incorporates the same groundbreaking technology that first made its debut in Balanced Audio Technology's widely acclaimed VK-51SE tube preamplifier. The revised circuit topology of the VK-42SE incorporates proprietary oil capacitors in an all-new power supply SUPER-PAK to improve the transparency and top-to-bottom coherence of this class-leading preamplifier.

This new SUPER-PAK augments a fully balanced all-MOSFET circuit design that uses a C-multiplier based power supply combined with Vishay resistors in critical signal path locations. In addition to numerous circuit revisions, the BAT VK-42SE incorporates capacitor modules in the output stage to substantially improve the low-end authority over that of the already impressive VK-40.

The VK-32 preamp is in many respects a ground-breaking product from Balanced Audio Technology.

It offers the same modern user interface as BAT's flagship REX preamplifier, combined with vacuum-tube current sources in the power supply, and BAT's renowned Unistage topology that uses a single gain stage with no buffers or followers.

The flexibility of the VK-32 design is enhanced by optional X-PAK accessory boards that allow the customer to replace the 5881 vacuum tube current sources with 6C19 vacuum tubes or 6H30 SuperTubes. This simple changeover allows the customer to tailor the sound of the VK-32 to best match their system needs. For the customer that would like the convenience of a built-in phono preamplifier, an optional phono module can be installed that accepts either moving coil or moving magnet cartridges.

And finally, for the ultimate in upgradeability, the customer can have their VK-32 preamplifier fully upgraded to the VK-32SE preamplifier at any time.

The VK-3iX's design is centered around the ability to preserve subtle musical nuance as well as it conveys musical pace and excitement.

The VK-3iX relies upon BAT's tried and true Unistage; design to eliminate complex buffer or follower circuits. Vacuum tube current sources remain in the power supply to contribute to the VK-3iX's ability to portray the natural color and of the musical performance.

Just as in BAT's reference VK-51SE preamplifier, Vishay resistors are now incorporated into the series-pass element of the shunt volume control to provide a wonderful sense of transparency and top-end extension. The power supply of the delivers a sizeable increase in energy storage to offer a complementary increase in low-end heft and authority. The result is a top-to-bottom improvement in musical clarity and expression.




The Balanced Audio Technology VK-75 SE/VK-150 SE amplifiers establish a new standard for transparency for tube amplification.

This unique Special Edition design incorporates the 6H30 supertube. Operating in BAT's all-triode, fully balanced, zero-feedback topology, this driver tube feeds the power tubes a waveform of unprecedented fidelity. With this pristine signal, the virtues of the single-ended bridge design are multiplied, resulting in a presentation of the musical event that is astonishing in its realism.

The VK-75SE is startlingly quiet. Instrumental timbres are rendered with effortless accuracy. Retrieval of the subtlest ambient information, coupled with the completely natural decay of musical tones, creates a spatial illusion constrained only by decisions in the recording booth.

The VK-75SE's sound is virtually grainless, sharing the liquid ease of previous tube designs without their thickening of instrumental images. The VK-75SE sounds like no other amplifier, tube or solid-state. More than ever before, it sounds like no amplifier at all. Just music.

The VK-55 is available as either a 55 watt per channel stereo amplifier or a 110 watt per channel monoblock power amplifier. Start with a single stereo VK-55 and if you ever change speakers or simply want more power, you can buy a second amplifier and have your stereo unit easily updated to monoblock status.


The Balanced Audio Technology VK-55 represents BAT's latest application of modern design principles to the development of a compact, affordable, yet supremely easy to use tube power amplifier that sets a new standard for musicality in its class. The result is a unique combination of fully balanced, all-triode design topology, combined with selectable feedback, automatic biasing of individual output tubes, and a marvelously simple upgrade path to monoblock application all in a chassis that is 33% more compact than any previous BAT tube design! More importantly, the VK-55 is eminently affordable as well.


Balanced Audio Technology's new flagship for two-channel solid-state amplification is the stunning VK-600 power amplifier. With its powerful yet graceful industrial design, the VK-600 power amplifier becomes a perfect complement to Balanced Audio Technology’s universally praised lineup of preamplifiers, including BAT’s flagship VK-52SE.

For the ultimate in flexibility, the VK-600 can be ordered as either a stereo amplifier or monoblock VK-600M version.

With its compact and graceful industrial design, the VK-250 power amplifier becomes a perfect complement to Balanced Audio Technology's universally praised lineup of preamplifiers, from the VK-3i through the VK-52SE.


The elegant signal path follows the Balanced Audio Technology purist approach of using zero negative feedback to achieve the design goals of wide bandwidth and circuit linearity. Just as in BAT's newly introduced flagship VK-600, only two gain blocks are employed. Each gain stage incorporates exemplary Caddock loading resistors for a more transparent insight into the musical event.

Come to Sound by Singer to audition this amp today!


For the ultimate in flexibility, the VK-250 can be ordered as either a stereo amplifier or as a monoblock in the VK-250M version.

Balanced Audio Technology also provides a transparent upgrade path that allows the owner of a stereo VK-250 to easily convert to a monoblock at any point in time.  Just add a second VK-250M to enjoy the benefits of true monoblock operation.

To continue BAT's reputation for providing the highest levels of refined energy storage, an innovative BAT-PAK option is available.The VK-250 BAT-PAK incorporates the knowledge gained during the design of the highly acclaimed VK-31SE and VK-51SE line-stage preamplifiers as well as VK-P10SE SUPER-PAK. With both greater energy storage and the use of large Depth Charge style oil capacitors for power supply bypass, the VK-250 BAT-PAK combination provides a top-to-bottom coherence that is the very essence of musicality.


The VK-220 balanced power amplifier design is based upon the award winning topology used in BAT's reference VK-6200 multi-channel power amplifier. With 125 watts per channel available into eight ohm loads, and 250 watts per channel into four ohm loads, the VK-220power amplifier is a compact power-house!

The dynamic authority of the VK-220 is evident on even difficult speaker loads, and provides an unstrained ease on even the most demanding recordings. For even greater dynamic authority, add the optional VK-220 BAT-PAK to increase the power supply energy storage by a factor of five!





Not only can the VK-300x integrated amp form the nucleus for outstanding music reproduction, it can be configured to meet almost any system's needs:

Add remote control for the ultimate in convenience.

Specify the built-in phono module and you'll obtain superb reproduction of  your analog record collection from either moving magnet or low output moving coil cartridges.

Add the musical texture that only tubes can provide by specifying the optional 6922 tube-based front end .

Or choose the ultimate in sonic performance by adding the optional 6H30 supertube front-end gain stage. The extraordinary versatility of Balanced Audio Technology's VK-300x allows it to perform without peer and thus truly stand apart from the crowd.



The Balanced Audio Technology VK-P10 is engineered to be the reference standard in phono stage preamplification. The VK-P10 features an all-tube zero-feedback design that combines the benefits of balanced operation with a unque Flying RIAA® network. Dual-mono construction, vacuum-tube current regulation and enormous energy reserves are matche by complete flexibility in cartridge loading.

The result is a circuit that unlocks hidden performance in virtually any cartridge. At half the price (yet featuring the same circuit topology), the VK-P5 offers an unmatched combination of performance and value to the discriminating analog lover. With a larger power supply, greatly improved parts and special oil caps for the output filters the VK-P10 can produce 73 db of gain vs 55db on the VK-P5 thus ensuring virtually silent running with huge voltage swings. Either choice will unlock hidden performance in virtually any cartridge.


The VK-P10 and VK-P5 exemplify Balanced Audio Technology's purist approach to circuit design. Its architecture employs ten tubes in a balanced zero-feedback topology. At the heart of the VK-P10/and VKP-5 are an innovative Flying RIAA® network that brings the benefits of fully differential operation to this critical equalization stage while minizing circuit complexity. Energy reserves in the VK-P10 exceed those found in competing products by an order of magnitutde. By any measure of this specification, the VK-P10 could be a sizeable power amplifier.

Low-output moving coil cartridges are the forte of the VK-P10 and VKP-5, and most are handled easily by its direct mode. High-quality built-in step up transformers may be used for cartridges with even lower output or to obtain an even lower noise floow. Internal switches allow you to adjust cartridge loading for capacitance and resistance as well as providing low and high settings for preamplifier gain. Signal polarity is easily changed via a front-panel balanced phase reversal switch.




The VK-P10/5 are built to the exacting standards that have won Balanced Audio Technology worldwide respect and recognition. Intelligent vibration control begins with a massive resonance control place that anchors the entire circuit assembly. Custom oil-filled signal capacitors are used throughout. Power supply regularion is handled through vacuum-tube constant current sources. Pure unplated copper is used for all circuit board traces. All these elements work together to enhance the fundamental circuit excellence of the VK-P10and VKP-5


All the effort spent on BAT’S design and construction would be for naught if it yielded anything less than a breathtaking transcription of the music on your vinyl treasures. Here the VK-P10/5 establishe their true pedigree. We invite you to listen to both - and hear them!


Recently ,Balanced Audio Technology introduced the long-awaited Special Edition version of their reference VK-P10 phono-stage. The VK-P10SE incorporates numerous engineering improvements that take the performance of the already stellar VK-P10 to a truly superlative level. The first gain stage has been completely revised to provide a substantially lower noise floor. Vishay resistors replace the already high quality metal film resistors in critical circuit areas. The output stage has been changed to incorporate a quartet of the robust high-gain 6C45 tubes. The 6C45’s provide high current and low output impedance to establishe a superb level of drive and transparency.


The power supply upgrade and SIX-PAK™ of output paper-in-oil capacitors (first employed in BAT’s reference VK-50SE line-stage) are used to provide an even more visceral level of bass performance. The result is a combination of improved silence in the quietest passages of music combined with an unfettered dynamic ease and sense of scale. And following the BAT tradition of providing an upgrade path for existing customers, all VK-P10 phono-stages can be upgraded to the VK-P10SE. Contact us for more information. All you need to do is listen!

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