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CT600.1 Multi-Zone


B & K
began in 1981 with a simple philosophy: Make great sounding audio components and keep prices low. Critics took notice, and rave reviews have followed the introduction of every new product. Today, B & K is one of the premier manufacturers of high end audio and home theater components. All their products are designed, engineered and manufactured at their Buffalo, New York facility. But there's more to B & K than superior sound at reasonable prices. They create products that are simple to use today and upgradable tomorrow. Once you buy B & K, you'll never need to own any other brand!From high end home theater to high quality multi zone audio systems the watch words  with B&K have always been quality ,reliability, and ease of use.



Choosing the right audio/video component can be confusing; today’s newest digital processing systems include Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro LogicII, DTS-ES & Neo:6 and THX Ultra2 to name a few. Combine this with the choices in video, including High Definition T.V., Plasma T.V.’s, etc.; the choices and options can be daunting.

B & K digital preamp processors and digital receivers give you a unique option in the market. They create preamps and receivers that are upgradable for audio processing. In a world of use it once and throw it away, B&K are trying to make a difference and offer you an option that makes a difference.


AVR507 A/V Receiver




B&K Home Theater


B&K is truly a unique company. They could easily be just another mass produced electronics company, but they have remained true to their audience them made them who and what they are.

The B&K Reference 50 S2 controller puts you in control. The si incredibly versitile preamp/tuner processor sets new standards of performance. When coupled with matching B&K amplifiers of your power choice, the experience is simply awesome. Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS Neo:6 and many more music and movie formats are all brought to you with incredible precision. State-of-the-art processing and state-of-the-art control.

The Reference 50 S2 preamp/tuner processor brings the movie theater experience to you. This discrete controller delivers the finest in audio reproduction available at the touch of a button. Movies simply come to life before your eyes and ears. Combining ultra high grade digital circuits with processing using DigitalDNA technology from Motorola, the Reference 50 S2 delivers an unprecedented level of performance to your system.

Simply stated, the B&K AVR505S2/AVR507S2 is the finest sounding Home Theater Receiver available in the world today. The B&K AVR505S2/AVR507S2 provides a level of sophistication and ease of use that is simply unparalleled. It delivers today's cutting edge technologies all at the touch of a button. It it comepletely software and hardware upgradable, so that it's virtually "future-proof"!