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Loudspeaker manufacturers can be found far and wide. There are many manufacturers who favor a traditional design approach. Some of them also try to refine acoustic principles or produce a good sound within a given budget.

Audio Physic is different.

In the 25 years since the company was founded they have been committed to absolute, uncompromising perfection in sound reproduction. Audio Physic makes speakers for all applications and all budgets from state of the art audio to sensible home theater and vice versa.


Some of our favorite Audio Physic loudspeakers include Avantera 25,  Virgo 25, Tempo 25, Sitara 25, and Yara.


With the new AVANTERA 25, Audio Physic not only builds on the success of its sublime, critically acclaimed loudspeaker designs, the manufacturer has also achieved a new benchmark in high fidelity performance and excellence.

At Audio Physic they take special pride in saying that they are the first to achieve the goal of producing a loudspeaker that lets the music flow with glorious sound and virtually no discernible imprint of its own.The AVANTERA 25 is the newest realization of this design goal. A 3 1/2 way design the Avantera 25 incorporates all the technology employed by the reknowned Cardeas which includes

  a completely new cabinet design, new drivers and crossovers while at the same time remaining true to the three-and-a-half way system with four side-firing 7" woofers. Needless to say that Audio Physic's cutting-edge knowledge on driver technology exemplified by the HHCM and HHCT are utilized in this stunning loudspeaker

The Hyper-Holographic Cone Tweeter, Hyper-Holographic Cone Mid-range are distinguished by a unique configuration as shown here.

1. Aluminium diecast frame with integrated heat sink 2. Dual neodymium magnet system 3. Plastic inner basket optimised for high internal damping
4. 1¼“ voice coil on black glass fiber bobbin 5. Conex spider 6. Ceramic coated aluminium cone with Active Cone Damping II 7. Solid, anodised aluminium phase plug








Avantera 25 cross section


New design, new technology, new sound  ... this gives a perfect summary of the changes which were made to the Virgo 25. Never before in Virgo's long success story has a redesign of a predecessor model been completed to such an extent.

In terms of loudspeaker technology, the new Virgo immensely benefits from its larger sister, the Avantera 25, with which it shares the cabinet design as well as the highly sophisticated interior structure. Together, these features combine to take the sonic performance of the Virgo into a new dimension.

As a special feature in terms of technology, the revamped loudspeaker comes with a brand new Hyper Holographic Cone Midrange as the logical next step to complement the Hyper Holographic Cone Tweeter.

The HHCM driver, a new development by Audio Physic, uses a radically novel basket design to minimise resonances. Moving parts such as the diaphragm, the surround, the centring device and the voice coil are held in proper alignment by a plastic basket designed to achieve a maximum degree of dampening inside. The neodymium magnet powering the system is encased in a die-cast aluminium heat sink which is connected to the wide basket rim via slim bridges.


The aluminium diaphragm takes full advantage of Active Cone Damping II, Audio Physic’s further refined state-of-the-art technology implemented to avoid ringing resonances normally associated with stiff diaphragms.

When Audio Physic decided to introduce a completely remodeled and newly designed Tempo25 in 2010, a new incarnation of the successful model which carried on the tradition and  the important role its predecessor was born into their product range.

The 2010 upgrade includes subtle visual touches as well as essential technical features. Just like its larger sister, the Virgo, the Tempo 25 has been revamped with the highly acclaimed HHCM (Hyper Holographic Cone Midrange).

Audio Physic's quest for perfect sound reproduction is not only reflected in elaborate drivers, intricate crossover networks and sophisticated cabinet design, it is also seen in small and apparently secondary details. The well thought-out connecting terminal is aluminum, bitumen damped and fitted with neoprene for elastic suspension in order to prevent sonically adverse effects which are produced by uncontrolled vibrations and transmitted from the loudspeaker cables to the whole sound reproduction chain.

The bottom line is this: It is simply not enough to just write about sound. Come see for yourself, try it out and enjoy the awesome sound performance of the Tempo VI. When you hear it “live", you will be enthralled by the way the loudspeaker follows the signal with far greater ease than ever before, no matter what music it is reproducing.

Due to the slim and graceful design with its rounded cabinet sides, the Sitara 25 is a visual stunner tuned for optimum elimination of standing waves.

The cabinet sides are not parallel to each other and therefore the possibility of standing waves is severely reduced. The cabinet is generously fitted with structural elements that divide the interior into smaller sections and also contribute to the elimination of standing waves.


Well-versed in the science and art of loudspeaker design, we have achieved a maximum level of sound quality and design which we have also skillfully accomplished with the YARA.