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Audio Note Japan (Kondo)


The holy grail of tube electronics; the ne plus ultra of purity in valve reproduction; the finest and probably most expensive tube electronics in the world.

All these superlatives and more apply to the magnificent components made by Audio Note Japan. Rarer than a flawless Canary diamond and just as pure, all Kondo-Audio Note components are handmade to order and require 3-4 months of development. Each and every model is a direct decendent of the unique design concepts pioneered by the now-deceased Zen master of single ended amplification, Hiroyosu Kondo.


The Kondo designed KSL-M7 preamplifiers represent the embodiment of Audio Note's design philosophy.

The majority of parts are Kondo-designed and many, like the wire and coupling capacitors, are handmade directly by Audio Note Kondo, as well as the  handmade silver-foil capacitors and braided silver ground wire.

The KSL-M7 uses a 6X4 rectifier tube and two 5751tubes for phono; two 5687 tubes are used for the line stage. The output impedance of the KSL-M7 preamp is approximately 600 Ohms.  No feedback is used in the line stage and negative feedback is employed only in equalizer section.

The latest design from Kondo is the M-1000 MK II preamplifier.

Developed from the original M1000, the MK II shares the same vacuum tubes and design, but is newly built using new techniques to extend performance levels by reducing lead lengths, improving mechanical stability and optimizing critical ground layout.

Kondo's flagship preamplifier uses an independent main and power supply chassis to reduce noise and the effect of eddy current. The power supply has been refined further, with double choke filtering, totally independent phono and line supplies and separate left and right filters incorporating an audio grade oil capacitor combination to yield a low and stable impedance.

Bringing KSL technology to the fullest, the M1000 MK II use's Kondo's in-house built silver leaf capacitors, silver leaded resistors and silver wiring from start to finish.

Power Amplifiers

Our favorite Kondo power amplifier and the one we recommend to all our customers, is the Gakuon II.

Using 211 tubes, the Gokuon II runs in parallel single ended monaural mode producing an output of over 50WPC.  Those of you who know single ended also know that this is an amazing amount of power.  Those of you who know single ended also know just how good it can sound when matched with the right speaker.

Of all single ended amplifiers made, the Gokuon comfortably drives more modern speakers than any single ended amplifier on the market and produces a level of reality that is simply indescribable.

Kondo also makes a number of other lower powered single ended amplifiers for those with really efficient high impedence speakers, including the KSL-Neiro, the KSL-Kegon, the Gakuoh, and the Ongaku.