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Home Theater Products

When Arcam introduced its award-winning AV8 home theater processor in 2002, it established a new standard of performance for its class, providing the ultimate in quality sound and video delivery in one unit, attributes confirmed by experts around the world. Furthermore, it delivered the processing and switching requirements that even the most demanding AV enthusiasts and custom installers required. Two generations later this incredibly innovative company has introduced one of the great A/V Preamps: The AV888.

 The AV888 redefines both the feature set and sonic performance of high end AV processing and pre-amplification. The result of a massive 2 ½ year ground-up development program, it features all new state of the art audio stages and balanced audio connectivity.

Combined with its natural partner, the P777 power amplifier, the AV888 represents a new standard for AV Preamplification.

As would be expected from Arcam’s statement processor, the AV888 decodes every conceivable format including : Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital+, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS HD Master Audio DTS High Resolution Audio, DTS-ES Discrete, DTS-ES Matrix, DTS 96/24, DTS Neo:6.




The extraordinary quality of sound which comes out of the AV888 is due to many of its innovations including:

  • Devices ADSP-21366 & ADSP-21367 DSPs for surround decoding
  • Wolfson 8471 high end 24bit 192kHz audio DACs
  • Crystal Semiconductor stereo ADC and precision electronic volume controls
  • Burr Brown DRV134 Balanced line drivers
  • Dolby Volume gain management and Tonal correction processing
 The seven channel (150 watt per) P777 is a natural partner to the AV888 AV processor in high performance home cinema installations. Using Sanken output devices with ultra-stable thermal management from the company’s stereo product line, the P777 offers huge amounts of power and control with even the most demanding loudspeakers and program material. The Arcam development team have left nothing to chance while designing the P777. Literally hundreds of hours were spent in critical listening and fine tuning ensure it is equally at home with movies or music and will delight all who experience it.



One of the most exciting AV products in years, Arcam’s AVR 600 (120 watt per channel) 7 channel surround sound receiver offers all of the features of the AV888/P777 combination at less than ½ the cost while maintaining 80% of that combination’s performance. It is our number one choice for sound quality in home theater receivers. No wonder Home Theater magazine declared it Top Pick.


DVD/Universal Players

With the introduction of the DV139, Arcam became the first manufacturer in the world to produce a fully featured implementation of full specification HDMI. The DV139 transmits digital video and up to six channels of high definition audio to a compatible receiver or processor. This makes it an ideal connection for surround music and, of course, movie pictures.

Some of the most cutting edge DVD technology in the world has been utilized in the DV139. Its core processor, the Zoran Vaddis 888s, is designed to obtain the very best quality from all the popular disc types including DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, and SACD. Its internal video processors are from Anchor Bay Technology. For de-interlacing the DV139 uses the ABT102 with class leading bad edit detection and “any format” cadence processing.


For video scaling the ABT1010 is used. This IC is revered as possibly the best scaling engine available and offers outputs at up to 1080p resolution. To ensure an equally breathtaking audio performance, Wolfson audio DACs provide accuracy in digital to analog conversion with high precision, while ultra low jitter clocking ensures a solid and accurate sound field. Twin toroidal mains transformers mean delicate audio signals enjoy a completely separate power supply from their digital and video counterparts. The tri-laminate Acousteel chassis mechanically separates the electronic circuits from internal or airborne vibration.

Designed for movie and music enthusiasts, the DV139 will delight the most ardent of audiophiles and videophiles. In addition, its full suite of IR and RS232 control options makes it the perfect choice for high performance custom installations.

CD Players

Arcam audio technology has developed to the point where music reproduction in the home is closer than ever to the sound of real instruments. Arcam’s technical team has worked intensively to create the FMJ CD37 to deliver that special result.

Using technology from the companies highly revered DVD players; the CD37 plays both CDs and SACD with astonishing musical reproduction. Digital to Analogue conversion is carried out by the very latest Wolfson 8741 DACs using pure DSD conversion unleashing the full resolution of SACD discs for with starling clarity.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), which would normally mask fine details in similar players, is dramatically reduced using Arcam’s proprietary “Mask of Silence” strategy. The use of “Stealth Mat” (unique metal fibre matting) further diffuses EMI to ensure the every nuance of each recording is heard in its full glory.

The CD37s power supply features two separate toroid transformers, one each for audio and digital circuits. The chassis itself features a damped “Sound Dead Steel” construction virtually eliminating mechanical influences on the electronics.

As part of Arcam’s FMJ line of high performance separates, the CD37 is an ideal partner for the new A38 integrated amplifier or C31 pre-amp and P38 power amp combination. The CD37 is available in black or silver finish.




The CD17 is Arcam’s new entry level CD player and offers astonishing musical reproduction from CDs. The all important digital to analog conversion is carried out by the very latest Wolfson 8741 DAC driven by an extremely accurate digital clock and audiophile-grade supporting components.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), which would normally mask fine details in similar players, is dramatically reduced using Arcam’s proprietary “Mask of Silence” technology. The use of  “Stealth Mat” (unique metal fiber matting) further diffuses EMI to help reproduce every nuance of each recording.



The CD17's power supply uses a toroid transformer together with individually regulated supplies to digital, analog and servo sections providing extremely stable power with minimal noise. Case construction uses a mix of aluminium and steel to reduce resonance and afford maximum electronic screening for the internal components. The resulting sound quality ensures a truly thrilling insight even with complex recordings. As part of Arcam’s FMJ line of high performance separates, the CD17 is an ideal partner for the new A18 and A28 integrated amplifiers and is available in black or silver finish.

The CD73 is Arcam's most affordable CD player and the successor to the world famous CD72, an acknowledged design classic with many tens of thousands in everyday use. Put simply, the CD73 is a wonderful sounding CD player with a performance broadly equal to players that might cost twice as much from other brands.

Integrated Amplifiers

The A38 is the best ever integrated amplifier from Arcam. It is designed to deliver exceptional sonic performance without sacrificing flexibility or ease of use. The FMJ A38 uses state-of-the-art audio components and a massive power supply to deliver effortless performance. Power is rated at 100 watts per channel, and it is capable of driving even the most difficult speaker loads. The circuit design is elegant and refined with ultra short signal paths and carefully optimized layouts to ensure class leading performance.


  The massive torroid based power supply delivers effortless power with a new low-noise topology improving transient response. A new preamplifier design, featuring hermetically sealed "reed" relays from Arcam's range topping C31 preamplifier, deliver a wonderfully transparent signal to each power amplifier. Reed relays offer extremely low contact resistance and virtually infinite life span. An all new volume control (Burr Brown PGA2320) gives unprecedented linearity and noise performance allowing fine details to be reproduced in startling clarity.
Using wide-band power amplifier technology and ultra stable thermal management from the range topping A38 amplifier, every detail and musical nuance is produced with breathtaking accuracy. The A28's preamplifier section uses studio components that ensure extreme fidelity and ultra low noise performance.


The A28 use of all-electronic control for volume and input selection mean delicate audio signals take an extremely short physical path through the A28. This design strategy also ensures long term reliability and access to advanced features such as individual input trims, independent record selection and "processor mode" for integration with AV pre-amps. Six line level inputs are provided plus a very high quality moving magnet phono stage. Electro Magnetic Interference is damped using Arcam's proprietary "Mask of Silence" technologies to ensure that even the smallest details in the recording are reproduced faithfully.



 The A18 represents an ideal introduction to true hi-fi amplification. It’s sleek design, flexible connectivity and powerful amplifier stages deliver a level of reproduction far beyond that of “budget” separates systems. Using the latest in amplifier technology plus over thirty years of audio design experience, the A18 is an astounding amplifier, true to Arcam’s tradition of affordable excellence. The A18's large power supply uses a toroidal transformer which ensures an extremely quiet backdrop to music and superb stability during large bass transients. The chassis features a damped “Sound Dead Steel” construction virtually eliminating mechanical influences on the electronics.

As part of Arcam’s FMJ line of high performance separates, the A18 is an ideal partner for the new CD17 CD player and is available in black or silver finish.  The A18 features a powerful 50wpc continuous output.

Following the highly successful A85 launched in September 2000, the A90 continues the long line of successful Arcam amplifier designs and represents a combination of technical excellence, flexibility, ease of use and superb sound quality that already looks like it will establish classic status in the future. A lower powered but equally musical unit is available in the Arcam A70 priced to be accessible for more modest systems.


One Box Solutions

The Solo Movie 5.1 represents a new dimension in experiencing music and movies. An all-in-one home theater system that delivers the most advanced sound... ever. Arcam has brought all its experience to bear to deliver stunning surround sound from Dolby Digital, DTS or Dolby Pro Logic II decoding mode.

Many people think of all-in-one components as offering a good compromise between performance and simplicity. The Solo Music makes no such compromise. It truly is a high-end system that just happens to be dressed in lifestyle clothing. It combines the features of a CD player, tuner, and integrated amplifier.


  In common with the Solo Movie 5.1, the new 2.1 system delivers a set of features that is unmatched in its class. HDMI and component or SCART video switching ensures complete compatibility with High Definition television while the internal 720p/1080i video scaler ensures a stunning picture from its internal DVD player. When coupled with the rDock or rLead, the integrated iPod interface offers complete integration and the best sound quality possible. The included learning remote control gives the user easy access to their favorite media, no matter how it is presented. A full suite of RS232, IR and trigger connections mean the Solo Movie 2.1 is ideal for many performance-orientated custom installations.

With the Solo 2.1 you get:

Integrated disc player, radio, AV processor and 2ch amplifier, Internal video scaler to 720p/1080i, HDMI digital output, 2 x external HDMI inputs, 2 x Component or SACRT video switching.

Solo Music represents the best of Arcam music technology housed in one sleek, easy-to-operate system. SOLO consists of an audiophile CD player and a 50 watts per channel amplifier combined with a high quality AM/FM tuner. The result is a product that is much more than the sum of its parts - a music system that is a delight to use and will captivate all who listen.


Building on the original Solo music system but in a smaller form factor, the Solo Mini provides premium performance in a discrete and stylish unit. An ideal partner with the Muso speakers, the Solo Mini system features a CD player, radio tuner (FM/DAB or FM/AM) and iPod interface using the rDock or rLead. In addition a front panel USB input allows USB memory devices to be played (MP3 and WMA files supported). Using sophisticated circuitry taken from higher priced Arcam components, the sound quality available from the Solo mini system is without equal at the price. A Torroid based power supply ensures even demanding bass lines are delivered without compromise to other instruments or voices.






The Arcam rDock




Using the DACs and high precision clock from the company's award-winning CD73, digital sources are processed with extremely high precision allowing fine detail to be reproduced with breathtaking clarity. The Solo Mini uses the same high current power amplifiers as the full size Solo music system ensuring a truly dynamic experience even at louder volume levels.

The Solo Mini has:

CD or MP3 playback from CD discs
2 x 25wpc linear amplifiers
Internal DAB/FM/AM or FM/AM radio tuner (market dependent)
Integrated iPod control via optional rLead/rDock
Front panel USB input for additional media
Six additional analog inputs (5x RCA rear, 1x 3.5mm jack front)
Alarm clock with "wake to" CD/Tuner/Alarm
Remote control
Full IR and RS232 serial contro
Arcam's amazing rDock (pictured above) allows for control of your iPod into any Solo using Arcam's remote control.


  Find out more information about Arcam products on the Arcam Website