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Audio Furniture/Vibration Control

In the simplest sense the purpose of audio furniture is nothing more than to get your electronic components off of the floor and into what is hopefully a tidy arrangement which looks aesthetically pleasing.

Some audio furniture is designed with just this and only this in mind. Unfortunately, many things which are used for audio furniture actually cause the items which we place in or on them to sound worse than they would if they simply sat on the floor!

The reason is vibration. All audio components are microphonic; that is, they pick up vibrations from the things they are sitting on if they are vibrating, and transmit these vibrations into the musical signal they are reproducing, thus changing it, and muddying up the sound.

Many audio racks and cabinets act more or less like giant drums truly amplifying these vibrations and making them much worse. Other racks are vibration neutral, while the best component furniture is designed expressly to minimize the transmission of vibration from external sources into the components which are sitting on them.


At Sound by Singer we think we have struck a balance between the three major factors which affect the decision of which rack to buy: aesthetics, performance, and price. None of the racks which we recommend will do more harm than good. Some will improve the performance of the components placed on them to a noticeable degree, while the best seem to have a miraculous effect on the sound of the components placed in or on them.

At Sound by Singer we will help you select just the right component rack for you, taking into account aesthetics, performance, and of course, your budget!

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