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Balanced Audio Best of The Best


Balanced Audio Technology is a company who everyone should have their eyes and ears on right now. The superb amplifiers and pre-amplifiers from BAT are uncannily good. We have never heard amplifiers which are capable of resolving sound like these, ever.

The VK-51SE Preamplifier is BAT's new jaw-dropping reference preamplifier. Redesigned from its predecessor - the legendary VK-50SE, the VK-51SE features a updated power distribution system, resulting in a silky smooth frequency response from top-to-bottom. This preamp must be heard to be believed!

The Balanced Audio Technology VK-75SE/VK-150SE amplifiers establish a new standard fo transparency for tube amplification. This unique Special Edition design incorporates the 6H30 supertube. Operating in BAT's all-triode, fully balanced, zero-feedback topology, this driver tube feeds the power tubes a waveform of unprecedented fidelity. With this pristine signal, the virtues of the single-ended bridge design are multiplied, resulting in a presentation of the musical event that is astonishing in it's realism.


BAT VK-150SE Monoblock Amplifier

BAT VK-600


BAT recently introduced its new flagship for two-channel solid-state amplification in the stunning VK-600 power amplifier. With its powerful yet graceful industrial design, the VK-600 power amplifier becomes a perfect complement to Balanced Audio Technology's universally praised line of preamplifiers!