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Brinkmann Best of the Best

Brinkmann Balance

Brinkmann simply makes some of the finest turntables we've ever come across. Second only to the Rockport turntable (which is nearly twice the price!), the Brinkmann Balance is impeccably and precisely crafted for the ultimate experience in vinyl playback. The Balance features a super-precise bearing and an optional tubed power supply. This turntable will make you appreciate your vinyl collection all over again! Make an appointment today at Sound By Singer to give it a listen!

The Brinkmann LaGrange turntable is a unique turntable solution for those who need 2 tonearms for playback. It features 2 arm bases - one for shorter arms, and one for longer arms. The LaGrange has remarkable sound quality. Absolute mechanical stability combined with extreme precision are the requirements for that musical transparency that goes beyond the usual.


Brinkmann LaGrang