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Music Servers


Music/Media Servers

come in all shapes and sizes with remarkable variability  in features and quality.

Some,  like our favorite MUSIC VAULT DIAMOND, are entirely self contained and can control other computers and hard drives wired or wirelessly .

Others rely on external drives to store music on.  They stream Music wired or wirelessly from your computer or UPNP NAS Drive.The PS AUDIO PERFECT WAVE DAC II/BRIDGE IS ONE OF THE BEST OF THESE DEVICES .


Some involve nothing more than a computer , a specific  program (or programs)and a DAC.



Some, Like the  CHORD DSX-1000 and MUSICAL FIDELITY M-1 CLIC incorporate excellent Dacs and a true anlog preamp!



Most have a GUI( Graphic User Interface ) similar to I-Tunes and can be controlled   by  a tablet or mobile phone which displays the Content stored on your computer from which it is streaming the music.


With all these differnt possibilities which way is best for you ?

That is where we come in.We will help you pick just the right music server for your needs based on your level of tcehcnical/computer saavy and what you want to accomplish with your digitally stored music.















Cambridge Audio
Music Vault
Musical Fidelity
PS Audio