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January 2009

JANUARY 27th & 28th 2009
Meet with senior designers from
dCS, VTL, Focal

  • dCS Scarlatti STT CD/SACD Transport
  • dCS Scarlatti SDC Digital to Analog converter
  • dCS SCK Scarlatti System Master Clock
  • VTL TL-7.5 Reference Tube Line Stage Preamplifier
  • VTL Siegfried Reference Monobloc Tube Power Amplifiers
  • Focal Grande Utopia em Speakers

Learn just how these magnificent components coalesce into the best hifi in the world from Senior Designers from dCS ,VTL, and Focal who will be on hand to answer your all your questions

Experience:This jaw dropping system, which can only be heard in the U.S.A. at Sound by Singer, not only reproduces every last bit of detail within a nearly perfectly defined three dimensional soundstage, it does so with the raw, seemingly limitless dynamics of live music, creating the most compelling, musically involving and transcendental experience you have ever had from a hi fi system.

Consider what a leading audio reviewer had to say about it:

“After spending a couple of hours luxuriating in Sound of Singer's ultimate system with the Focal Grande Utopia EM speakers, VTL Siegfried Reference Monoblocks, TL-7.5 Line Stage and dCS Scarlatti front end I'm still coming to grips with what I heard. Incredibly enough, the sound was far greater than the sum of its magnificent parts.” (Steve Guttenberg, Home Entertainment magazine)


Buy! the entire system and go straight to audio heaven. Or pick it up one piece at a time And approach nirvana in stages!