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Vibration Control

Next to a short circuit, nothing is more deleterious to the sound of an audio/video system then vibration.  Audio components are microphonic: they pick up vibrations which they are subjected to from any source, either internal or external, and transmit it into the musical signal which is being produced, thus making it muddier and less distinct. Better audio components have vibrational integrity. Any vibrations caused by internal processes are kept out of the musical signal by the design of the audio component itself.

External vibrations are a different matter. Whether they come from the speakers blasting in the room, the five or six Hz energy created by the sound of the earth itself, or other low frequency  generating sources such as air conditioners, railroad trains and refrigerators, vibration is omnipresent and it is constantly attacking the sound of your audio system.


Whether the vibration is coming from the floor, the air, the walls or the ceiling, Sound by Singer has a solution which will greatly ameliorate or eliminate the problem at a variety of levels. From amp stands to complete audio racks, from damping plates to isolation cones and tips, we are your resource for vibration control in every aspect and for every application.

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