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Surround Sound Preamps/Receivers

 The surround sound processor with a multi-channel amplifier and its more compact relative, the surround sound receiver, is the heart of any home theater.

Modern surround sound systems, whether they are comprised of separates or receivers, use multi-channel audio and complex digital steering to enrich, expand and deepen the sound reproduction of a recorded source and create a three dimensional soundfield by sending different and discreet sound information to five or seven speakers plus one or more subwoofers strategically placed around the home theater audience.

The goal of surround sound is obviously to create the most realistic representation of an audio experience whether it is from film or a live concert. There are a plethora of different sound modalities on the market today some of which operate using five speakers and a subwoofer (5.1 channel surround) and some of which employ seven speakers and a subwoofer (7.1 channel surround). 




Which system is right for you? Will your room accommodate 7.1 channel surround or are you better off sticking to 5.1 channel surround? Do you need a surround sound receiver or are you better off ,given what you are attempting to achieve, going to surround separates? Most importantly, which components deliver any and all of the modalities described represent the best value and performance on the market today?

These are questions which the experts at Sound by Singer are prepared to answer for everything from an intimate den setting to a 50-seat home theater.    





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