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Music/Video Servers



Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who would come in and organize your life?  We can not help you there, but when it comes to organizing and storing your entire music and DVD collection, Sound by Singer is the only place for you to consult.  That is because we carry the widest selection of music/video servers of any store in the industry. 

What exactly is a music/ video server?  Think of a very powerful computer attached to a high quality CD or DVD player which allows you to upload all of your CDs and DVDs, stores them for you, and then provides you with a graphic user interface where you can search its database to select what you want to hear or see.  The music/video server allows you to create play lists, swim through your entire collection randomly, or focus on a particular genre of music or video you wish to hear or see. 



The quality of music/video servers that are out in the market vary from the ridiculous to the sublime, with those units which fall into the former category being a simple nightmare to use while the best music/ video servers can be handled by the least technical person you know and provide a remarkable amount of useful user information. 

Sound and picture quality varies as much as does user friendliness.  At Sound by Singer we have selected a group of music/ video servers that represent the best in performance in each one of their classes.  So whether you decide to go with a reasonably priced Cambridge Audio Music Server, Luxuriate in the exceptionally musical and beautiful Sooloos, or search out your favorite movie from the amazing Kaleidescape, we have your server.


Micromega AIRDREAM