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Record Care

Cleanliness is the watch word for analog playback systems. Think about it! The way you get music out of a record is to cause an infinitesimal sized conically shaped stylus to trace, hopefully, perfectly, an equally infinitesimal groove in a vinyl record. The perfect mating of the stylus of both sides of the record wall results in outstanding music reproduction. This is simply impossible, if either the record or the stylus has any debris on them of any kind.


 Unfortunately, records start out life dirty. That’s because there’s a powder placed on them when they are pressed, aptly named pressing release compound, which gets forced into the grooves and is present even at their first play. That is why it is absolutely essential to clean your records before you play them and as often as you possibly can. The only way to do this successfully is with a record cleaning machine which will scrub the disk (both sides), suspend the dirt extracted from the grooves in a film of fluid applied by the machine  and vacuum off the fluid so that the dirt does not get back into the record grooves.



Never apply fluid to a record unless you’re going to vacuum it off. Hand held brushes which do this simply raise the dirt up into the fluid and drive it right back into the record as it dries. Just as important as keeping the records clean is keeping your stylus clean. Clean doesn’t simply mean not being able to see a big dust ball at the end of the stylus. Clean means that the surface of the diamond is as clear as the day you put it on your turntable. If it is not, it will not track the deeply encoded information which generally consists of the highest highs and the lowest lows, and that means a significant loss of detail.

There are many methods by which a stylus can be cleaned properly, all of which are effective, and none of which threaten the integrity of the assembly. At Sound by Singer we are truly a record care center, where you can not only find everything you need to keep your records and stylus spotless, but also a variety of accessories, including stylus pressure gages, alignment protractors, stylus treatment fluids, etc.


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