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December 23, 2005

December 23, 2005

Holiday Greetings From Sound By Singer!

Dear SBS Family Member:

First, let me & the entire staff at SBS wish you and yours a very happy holiday season, regardless of what it is that you celebrate. I know I speak for all of us when I say that we appreciate and value the trust and confidence you have placed in us for over 27 years. We will continue to strive to maintain and be worthy of that trust and confidence now and in the future. High End Audio and Video is a serious business at Sound By Singer. Making great music and creating a State of the Art Home Theater rises to the level of a religious experience here. So, while we are entirely ecumenical when it comes to the real thing, we are positively evangelical when it comes to putting the best audio/video systems in our clients' homes.

Second, as some of you probably know, when we first got started, I used to post a series of recommended systems in the classified section of the now-defunct AUDIO magazine. While the rest of this journal was pretty mundane, the classified section became the go-to underground enclave for the dissemination of information about high end audio products. Over the years people have come up to me over and over again to tell me that they used to look forward to buying that month's issue of AUDIO magazine so that they could see what we were recommending. In many cases, this first read became the introduction to a long term relationship between SBS and some of its best clients.

Carrying the idea forward, that spreading the gospel was the best way to show people what we were all about, SBS started a newsletter back in 1983, which continued on and off through 1995. I'm not really sure why we stopped sending it out, and, upon reflection, I think it was a bad idea to do so. In the spirit of everything that is old is new again, I am reintroducing the recommended audio and surround systems here on this newsletter/web log, which we will send out to you and which will be posted on our web site, (, on a regular basis. All the best for the coming year.

Andrew Singer


Are you tired of hearing the incessant groan of rap emanating from behind your teenager's door? Do you wish that your son's and daughter's musical taste ran more toward Beethoven, Bach, and the Beetles instead? If so, you can help to do something about it. By introducing them to a Hi Fi good enough to show up the difference between Dr. Dre and Dvorak. Consider the following systems: All affordable; all relatively teen proof; and all highly musical!

1)Preteen System
CD Player: Cambridge Audio 540C $379.00
Integrated Amp: Cambridge Audio 540A $379.00
Speakers: JM Lab Chorus 705 $395.00 pr.
TOTAL: $1,153.00

Cambridge Audio 540A

2)Now I Make A Minyan System
CD Player: Cambridge Audio 640C $529.00
Integrated Amp: Cambridge Audio 640A $529.00
Speakers: JM Labs Chorus 706 $550.00
TOTAL: $1,608.00

3)Tea For Two System
CD Player: Music Hall MMF CD-5 $600.00
Integrated Amp: Arcam A65 $699.00
Speakers: JM Labs 714S $795.00
TOTAL: $2,094.00

4)College Bound System
CD Player: Arcam CD73 $699.00
Integrated Amp: Arcam A65 $699.00
Speakers: JM Labs Cobalt 806 $1,095.00 pr. (Bookshelf)
Speakers: JM Labs 716S $1,095.00 pr.(Floorstanding)
TOTAL: $2,493.00

Arcam CD73

5)What I Did With My Summer Job Money System
CD Player: Arcam CD73 $699.00
Integrated Amp: Arcam A80 $1,299.00
Speakers: Audio Physic Yara Evolution $1,245.00 pr. (Bookshelf)
Speakers: Vienna Acoustics Hayden $1,295.00 pr. (Bookshelf)
TOTAL From: $3,243.00
To: $3,293.00

Vienna Acoustics Haydn


The first thing I did with the spare money I saved from my first real job was to buy a decent audio system. Not enough people do that these days. But for those of you out there who are as musically involved as I was when I first started to make a decent living, think about the nine systems listed below. You will notice that some are clustered quite closely together in terms of price. Fine audio comes in several flavors. Please let us know how we can get you a taste.

6)My First Apartment System
CD Player: Arcam CD73 $699.00
Integrated Amp: Arcam A80 $1,299.00
Speakers: JM Lab Cobalt 816 $1,900.00 pr.(Floorstanding)
Speakers: JM Lab Profile 908 $2,295.00 pr.(Bookshelf)
Speakers: Devore Fidelity Gibbons $2,000.00 pr.(Bookshelf)
TOTAL From: $3,898.00
To: $4,293.00

7)Five Alive System (Solid State)
CD Player: Musical Fidelity A 3.5 CD $1,600.00
Integrated Amp: Musical Fidelity A 3.5 Amp $1,600.00
Speakers: Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand $2,000.00 pr.
TOTAL: $5,200.00

8)Five Alive System (Tubes)
CD Player: Arcam CD 192 $1,699.00
Integrated Amp: Manley Stingray $2,250.00
Speakers: Audio Physics Step Monitor $2,000.00 pr. (Bookshelf)
TOTAL: $5,949.00

9)Pickup Sticks Systems
CD Player: Musical Fidelity A 3.5 CD $1,600.00
Integrated Amp: Musical Fidelity A5 Int Amp $2,500.00
Speakers: Thiel 1.6 $2,400.00 pr.(Floorstanding)
TOTAL: $6,500.00

10)Aces Over Eights
CD Player: Musical Fidelity A5 CD $2,500.00
Integrated Amp: Musical Fidelity A5 Int Amp $2,500.00
Speakers: Audio Physic Spark IV $2,995.00 pr.
TOTAL: $7,995.00

11)Mean Machine System
CD Player: Musical Fidelity A5 CD $2,500.00
Integrated Amp: BAT VK 300SE $5,000.00
Speakers: JM Lab 1007 Be $4,000.00 pr.(Bookshelf)
TOTAL: $11,500.00

JM Lab Electra 1007Be

12)Now You Are A Man System
CD Player: Musical Fidelity A5 CD $2,500.00
Preamp: Musical Fidelity A5 $2,500.00
Power Amp: Musical Fidelity A5 Power Amp $3,500.00
Speakers: Thiel 2.4 $4,400.00 pr.
TOTAL: $12,900.00

Audio Physic Tempo

13)Sweet Sixteen System
CD Player: Cary 303/300 CD $4,000.00
Preamp: Balanced Audio Tech VK 31 $4,000.00
Power Amp: Balanced Audio Tech VK 55 $4,000.00
Speakers: Audio Physic New Tempo $4,000.00 pr.
TOTAL: $16,000.00



Cleanliness is next to Godliness. This could not be more true than it is with electrical power as seen by high end audio components. Unfortunately, we live in a world of microwaves, RF, DC induction, all of which fowl our power lines. For years there have been products out there which clean up the noise riding on electrical lines. However, just as with any filter, all of these products, while filtering out the noise, also changed the electrical wave form enough that it was hard to tell whether you were better off with dirty power and lots of current, or clean power with limited dynamics. Too many tradeoffs for our taste. Shunyata power products ended this problem by creating power cables and passive line conditioners which cleaned up the noise on the power line without decreasing speed or dynamics. Quite to the contrary, using their patented and proprietary technologies, Shunyata power cords and hydra conditioners not only filter out the noise, they increase power delivery from the wall receptacle to the component and allow exactly the proper alternating current sine wave to go through to your equipment. Shunyata power cords range in price from $99 to $2000. Shunyata line conditioners from $400 to $2000. If you are looking for a last minute holiday gift for the rabid audiophile in your life, you can buy a Shunyata power cord and line conditioner for her/him and be certain that it can only improve the sound of the system.