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November 2006

Christmas Grab-Bag - The E-Trap!

Our latest installment of the Christmas Grab-Bag focuses on one of the most exciting new products we have ever carried!

From Bag End: meet the amazing E-Trap!

The E-Trap is nothing less than a compact tunable electronic bass trap, which provides a unique and lifestyle-friendly solution to the age-old dilemma of how to fix standing waves in listening rooms. There is no more nagging problem for the audiophile than low frequency standing waves. You may not know the term, but you have experienced the effect. Basically, a low frequency standing wave is what happens when an audio system excites certain low frequencies within a room when playing a particular bass note. Every room has these frequencies, and they differ depending entirely upon the dimensions of the room. Traditionally, in order to get rid of these standing waves in a listening room, you had to engage in buying expensive and intrusive acoustic panels and absorbers. No longer!


The electronic bass trap offers a precise tool to attack the very worst bass problems with a high degree of effectiveness in a fraction of the space. It also offers a practical low cost solution to existing rooms where problems are present and room re-design or large passive absorbers are not an option.

The E-Trap will be available in mid to late December, and retails for $1200-2000, depending on finish. For proper installation, you’ll need a technician to take measurements of your listening room. Normally, this is billed at a flat rate of $1000, but with this deal, the price has been lowered to $850! Of course if you have the technical know-how and the necessary equipment, you can do the measurements yourself. You'll need some sort of Frequency Analyzer kit, such as the SMAART system, or the Goldline TEF system.

The E-trap can be viewed as an electronic acoustic absorber. It incorporates a feedback control scheme into a loudspeaker making the speaker exhibit the same dynamics as that of a reactive absorber. Because it is active it is capable of adding considerable damping to a room and still be very small in size (18" x 13" x 10"). The small size allows the designer to place it in acoustically strategic locations without effecting the rooms upper frequency characteristics or impacting floor space and cosmetics.

The E-trap offers precise tunability of two target frequencies simultaneously. The frequency and amount of damping is adjustable via controls. PC measurement software (for Windows(r)) is included with the E-Trap to allow the user to pinpoint the frequency that requires damping. Once the E-trap is placed and tuned, it requires no additional attention.

The precision, ease of tuning and small size offered by the E-trap provide an additional tool to absorb low frequencies and can provide a dramatic improvement in the sound of the room.

For the tweakers, the PC measurement Windows software will give you a window into the tweakability of your listening room!

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