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Everybody has one, and with memory becoming cheaper and cheaper every day, your computer is rapidly evolving into an excellent storage device for all of your music.



In the past, you could only buy or download music in a highly compressed format called MP3. Now with the advent of a number of new audiophile websites it is possible to download music not only in CD quality but even in HD audio quality (24 bit /176K). That capability wouldn’t mean anything if we were still playing the music from our computer’s soundcard directly into our amplifiers. This sounds pretty dismal, but a revolution has begun with the advent of a whole series of digital to analog converters and digital to analog converter amplifiers which make it possible to use your computer as a storage medium and to output a pure digital signal, using the USB, SPDIF, or AES/EBU output of the computer soundcard into digital inputs of these devices.





The result can be a computer based system which sounds as good as almost any CD/SACD player around. Of course, nobody really enjoys the annoyance of sorting through and picking particular tracks on most computer music programs. Fortunately, on the control side, companies like Logitech and especially Sonos have developed inexpensive systems which make accessing your favorite tunes from amongst 10,000 selections a pleasurable and simple process.

 Digital to analog converters and converter amplifiers come in all shapes, sizes, performance levels and price ranges. At Sound by Singer we pride ourselves on having selected only those which represent the best quality available at a given price point. The king of D/A conversion is, of course, dCS, followed closely behind by the now-famous Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC. Cary Audio, Cambridge Audio, and Musical Fidelity offer reasonably priced high performance DACs, and both Peachtree Audio and Musical Fidelity have introduced D/A / integrated amps with outstanding performance for the money.




MOON 300d

Of particular interest are the new products from Simaudio which include : the MOON EVOLUTION 750DDAC/TRANSPORT, the MOON i3.3 integrated amp/DAC, and the MOON 300D DAC, all of which have a full panoply of digital inputs including USB,SP/DIF, and AES/EBU. Jitter is virtually a non issue thanks to Simaudio’s patented clocking system





MOON 750d



THE M-2 is the ANSWER for the audiophile who is looking for both state of the art amplification and superb digital to analogue conversion at an affordable, some might say ridiculously low price.($6000.00) But don’t just take our word for it

Consider what Robert Harley of the Absolute Sound had to say:

    “The M2 was outstanding in its ability to unravel complex musical lines. Many amplifiers of this price tend to have a flat homogeneity that prevents one from hearing quieter instrumental lines in the presence of louder ones. This aspect of music reproduction is crucial to understanding the intent of the composer or performers. The M2 was the antithesis of smeared, congested, or confused. Instead, it laid out with exquisite resolution everything that was happening on the music. Moreover, it did this in a completely natural and organic way, with no trace of the analytical.
    Partly as a result of this quality, and partly a result of the M2’s fabulous way with dynamic contrasts and shadings, music always had an energetic and upbeat quality….The M2 had a rhythmic coherence and sense of life that thrilled me and riveted my attention on the music…
    As for the M2 as an alternative to a $3,500 conventional integrated amplifier and a $2,500 digital-to-analog converter, it’s a slam dunk. I haven’t heard, nor can I imagine, any combination of amplification and DAC at the price approaching the M2’s performance. Moreover, the M2 delivers, in one chassis, decoding of high-resolution digital audio, the source-switching and control functions of a preamplifier, and 250W of amplification—all with outstanding ergonomics. I can envision the M2, or its descendents, as part of a three-piece playback-system: music server, M2-like product, and loudspeakers…” The Absolute Sound, December 2009

So what are you waiting for?
Come down. No, run down! and check out the new NAD M2.



  Find out more information about NAD products on the NAD Website



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