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Universal Learning Remotes


At Sound By Singer we understand our customers, which is why we carry a range of universal remote controls designed to answer your needs at affordable prices which are easy to set up and operate. We offer a full line of products for consumers who desire an easy-to-use solution for operating audio/video and home entertainment systems.


At Sound By Singer, we don't want you to look like this!


Our pre-programmed and learning remote controls provide dependable control of up to 7 A/V components and are stylish alternatives that will look great in any decor. They are attractively priced. Best of all, you'll never have to hunt for the right remote again because they can replace up to seven separate remote controls.

Of course, for more elaborate applications,we specialize in sophisticated software-based remotes from technologically advanced companies like Phillips which address remote control seamlessly for complex macro settings as well as RF and WiFi based systems.