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Signal Cables

Perhaps the most frequently overlooked, yet most important, links in any audio system are the signal and power cabling. At no other time is the musical signal traveling through your system more susceptible to distortion or interference than when it is passing through your interconnects and speaker cables. Similarly, that pure 120 volt sine wave of electricity our components expect to get and rely upon for optimum performance when they are plugged into the wall exists only as a myth!

Cables have the crucial responsibility of transmitting musical signal from component to component, and ultimately to your speakers, without distortion, deletion, or unwanted noise. Because many inferior cable designs can create tonal imbalances or obscure resolution, we at Sound By Singer carefully audition every cable we sell to ensure that it is of the utmost quality. We offer a select variety, coupled with our special brand of expertise. You can be assured that we'll have the right cable for you and your system

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