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Home Theater / Video

"From the understated lobby to the beautifully decorated viewing and listening rooms, Sound By Singer seems to ooze that brand of hushed class..."

 - Video Magazine


The realization of a long standing goal, you can now have a level of audio and video in your family room that surpasses the impact and realism of the best cinema. We're now getting performances only the director and sound engineers would have imagined. The picture and multi-channel sound you can enjoy is simply staggering.

Sound By Singer installation as seen in Audio Video Interiors magazine



As the new digital sources emerge, such as DVD and Digital TV, careful evaluation needs to be made as to the merits of each. As always, technology itself is not an indicator of ultimate quality, it's the application of it that counts. That is where our expertise comes in. We have the skill, taste and experience on premises to verify which concept or components has merit and what may soon be only a memory.





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