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Cable and Power Products



Perhaps the most
frequently overlooked, yet most important links in any audio system are the  signal and power cabling. At no other time is the musical signal traveling through your system more susceptible to distortion or interference than when it is passing through your interconnects and speaker cables. Similarly, that pure 120 volt sine wave of electricity our components expect to get and rely upon for optimum performance when they are plugged into the wall  exists only as a myth!


Cables have the crucial responsibility of transmitting musical signal from component to component, and ultimately to your speakers, without distortion, deletion, or unwanted noise. Because many inferior cable designs can create tonal imbalances or obscure resolution, at Sound By Singer, we carefully audition every cable we sell to ensure that it is of the utmost quality. We offer a select variety, coupled with our special brand of expertise. You can be assured that we'll have the right cable for you and your system.
Likewise, Getting clean unaltered power to your components is a highly complicated and difficult task which is only accomplished by a very few select group of  AC power conditioners and power cables which we have culled from the morass of power stuff out there and brought into our limited and superior collection of power products.



 Digital, Analog, Video, S-Video, Composite,
HDMI, 1394,Component.....

With so many cables, how do I what's right for me and my system?

Just as audio
has become highly advanced and specialized in function, so have the respective cabling required to connect them. For example, consider the high-speed transmission of digital data which might occur between a DVD player's output and the digital input on a surround processor.
Digital information is special because it is not a continuous wave, it is actually rapid bursts of pulses. These pulses can be transmitted in speeds up to 192,000 times per second! The timing of these pulses is critical. Therefore digital cable is specialized to ensure that all the bits of data are transmitted so that the signal gets to the right place at the right time.

And of course, video.
With the advent of HDTV and the resolution potentials of DVD and Blu-Ray video sources, getting the right cable for you video system couldn't be more critical. The bandwidth (meaning the frequency range) for video is very wide, and as we push the limits of resolution, bandwidth requirements will only increase.

Realizing full resolution requires the correct cables. High resolution images must be broadcast using multiple signals. For example, an RGB (Red Green Blue) signal is broadcast using 5 discrete signals on 5 wires. Each wire must be identical and transmit its signal with absolute precision. Otherwise, when the 5 signals are combined to form the final image, there will be color anomalies, "ghosts", or even an unconverged picture. Now, with digital transmission of HDTV, new formats such as HDMI are rapidly replacing component and RGB HD cables.

If you find this a bit confusing, that's okay, that's what we're here for. We work hard staying abreast of technology as it evolves so that you don't have to worry. Most importantly, we listen carefully to all of our audio cables and evaluate the visual accuracy of all of our video cables to ensure that the signal remains true to the source with the smallest amount of loss possible! At Sound By Singer, we know how to select the right cable for any application. Really, that's all you need to know; just sit back and enjoy your system!

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