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Proud Dealers of: High End Audio and Video Equipment

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Sound By Singer, Ltd - 18 East 16th St New York, NY 10003 - tel: (212) 924-8600

Experts in the world of High End Audio and High End Video. The pinnacle of service and equipment, that's Sound By Singer; where High-End Audio and Video equipment are done the right way.High end Audio, High end Video, New York, Jersey, connecicut NYC, NY NJ Accessories, pre amps, stereo Amplifiers, line stages, intergrated amp, phono stage, tone arms CD Players,speaker Cables Cartridges Custom Install D/A Converters sacd Players Dacs, HDTV,Hometheater Amps Universal player, Speakers In/On Wall,Subwoofers Surround sound Theater Processors Tonearms Tuners Turntables installation cutom audio video installations power cables def Arcam, exprts hifi showroom dealer retail wholesale distributor High end audio, High end Video, Experts in High End Audio and Video. Sound By Singer; where HiFi audio and video solutions are done the right way. The best high fidelity equipment HIFI AUDIO Blog
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